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Ann. 4608 Priority: 2 [2019-02-14 09:58:42 - Stage 14]
Revive the dead - teamwork option
A new way of reviving was implemented by Azull using A25 Tools, and is now publicly available. This is how it works:

The living use the Wreath Binder to make a Grave Wreath from 1000 flowers and give it to the deceased. Then they can offer heat in the Soul Attractor at Drywater Temple to open a portal in the Graveyard. It can be used by the deceased to go to Drywater Temple. Once there the memories locked in the Wreath are slowly released and condensed, over a 24hr period, by the Memory Condenser. Condensed memories can then be absorbed by the dead to restore their lost reality. The process of condensing and absorbing these memories is called Mnemnosis.

Locations: 7_statuehallgarden_1, 7_drywatertemple_1, 1_2x0_1, 7_mnemnosis_1
Death Anchor locations: 7_drywatertemple_1, 7_mnemnosis_1

-- Great work Azull!