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Ann. 4948 Priority: 2 [2020-03-30 21:16:38 - Stage 15] Posted By Mur
LHO - Disbanded
The LHO system ended today, till further notice. Untill we have a better communication and rewarding system for LHO, as it was it can't function properly. Some very active people can't function as LHO efficiently, and other people keep the LHO status simply because it looks nice on their playername, without doing anything LHO related, and i simply don't have the time to do police. I am deeply grateful to those that put effort into this till now, and helped new players by answering their questions.
The LHO button in the interface will dissapear shortly, and in the future i will think of a better way to achieve what LHO system was supposed to achieve.
Chew will grant any compensation due for those that worked as LHO till the last moment, as he knows better who those people are and what they should get.

At this moment we have a free spot in the mechanics of MD for a group that does public service of some sort, that involves communication, respect to new players, and steady continous activity. I wish to re-establish this part of the mechanics, but i will do so only when i will see a good opportunity.