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Ann. 4990 Priority: 1 [2020-04-24 20:03:01 - Stage 15] Posted By Chewett
Following recent changes Necrovion is now closed again and those found trespassing will be terminated.

Visiting is permitted by offering the shades a tiny bit of your individuality. The following items are currently accepted as payment and will grant one week stay within Necrovion.
Drop of blood, bottled emotions, autograph.

These items do not need to be your own and may be from another person.

Those seeking entry should contact Lashtal, or sneak in and attempt to not get caught.

The following players are given a free pass to Necrovion:
Any Death Patrol members
Eara Meraia, due to her role of NC tool manager
A25 members working (please make it clear to the death patrol you are entering for work to avoid any unnecessary deaths)

These changes will apply while further changes are happening within Necrovion. Future announcements will supercede this one.

There will be one more day during the birthday that you will be able to visit Necrovion freely, use it wisely.