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Ann. 5295 Priority: 2 [2021-05-08 01:42:31 - Stage 16] Posted By Chewett
Mindpower 7 Changes - A more unstable mindpower
The first part of the illusion changes makes mindpower 7 incredibly more unstable.

To create an effective illusion one must channel power around them into a layer which can be used to fool those looking at it. Creating this shield to fool reality requires an immense amount of power and gathering this will allow a player to ascend to Mindpower 7. After ascending they have a small period of time (24 hours) to craft their illusionary shield and complete the illusion. Once the illusion is formed the power is channelled into maintaining the illusion and it Mindpower 7 is temporarily more stable. Rumours of illusions becoming unstable over time are greatly exaggerated...

Should one not channel the power into an illusion it will slowly grow and become unstable, this can have terminal effects...

(This change should have no impact on those currently able to access Mindpower 7 as they are aware that it should be used for illusions. Remaining in Mindpower 7 longer than 24 hours without activating an illusion will cause them to be killed. This is the first of a series of changes to Mindpower 7 and the illusion system.)