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Ann. 5557 Priority: 2 [2022-03-15 17:11:23 - Stage 16] Posted By Chewett
MD 17th Birthday - Player-led Projects
This is actually a pre-birthday announcement of a project that I and a number of people will be working on throughout MD's 17th year. I wanted to announce it properly today because we are starting to work on the first big player-led change which will continue into and after the birthday festivities.

Each year I have a variety of projects and plans I intend to complete, some of these are made public and some are not. However this year I plan to do things a little differently (which is why I am pre-announcing it). My plan is to work with a few players who have some ideas of how they want to shape MagicDuel and code the work they need to accomplish their goals. This will run alongside the A25 project and may intersect it at times where needed.

Initially all projects will start off as discussion points with myself and a number of players who wish to work on the project. Once they have reached maturity in the planning stage we will make it public and seek other other contributions as people want to help out. During this process I will support those running the project with coding and suggestions.

The first project I will be working with the community on is a further improvement of the death system. I have been speaking with Ledah and we have come to the conclusion that while we have a functional revive system there is still more to be done. Death is currently a thing which people overcome and are finished with and really needs to have a use in some way.

Ledah wished me to announce that "I look forward to the valuable community feedback and input. We will be endeavouring to make the death system one we can all be proud of".

If you have any ideas of a project yourself or a group of people wish to work on please either start a forum post or contact me about it.

We have an exciting year ahead, we just need you to shape MagicDuel with us