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Ann. 962 Priority: 2 [2009-08-10 22:34:07 - Alpha 9] Posted By Mur
Token effects change
Tokens based on principles will have their power reversed to the percentage of vitality(skills) involved in the fight. For example a principle based token that increases attack by +1000 will increase it just to +300 if you use 70% vitality for that fight or to 900 if you use just 10% vitality for that fight.
The following creature tokens where changed:
[firedrop], [blooddrop1],[blooddrop2],[claw1],[claw2], [claw3], [darksky], [kellethafire]

- DarkSky token power limited to max 1000 (darkness principle) plus 10% of the remaining. Example , if you have 2500 darkness principle the token will give you 1000 plus 150 = 1150 attack and defence. - KellethaFire token power limited to max 500 (light principle) plus 25% of the remaining.

These values and changes are still experimental. Probably more unannounced changes will take place in time to adjust or better optimize tokens. There is a forum topic under the "work in progress" section dealing with the token changes. You can exchange opinions and talk about these changes or suggest other better ones there.