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Wanderer Kind
Dark Harvester
Laurence Gardener




Blackshade Rider
Player ID: 252882
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Volition : 1040
Regeneration : 5189
Energetic immunity : 15192
Trade sense : 114
Briskness : 123
Initiative : 3069
Defence : 12508
Attack : 24437
Power : 1671
Luck : 483
Cartography : 53
Finesse : 37
Experimentalism : 2
Herbalism : 6
Woodcutting : 2
Waterhandling : 3
Filtering : 0
*fusioning : 20
Gardening : 1
Mining : 14
*excavation : 22
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Silver Set
Royal Guard
Principle of Balance = 1477
Element Principle = 4000
Transposition Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
One of the first to step foot on the Gateway Island, takes care of any public informations regarding it.
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Battle stats
Won: 2792 | Lost: 3060
Honor: 4524
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
King of the Hell Hounds
Blackshade rider is tall and has a skeleton like figure. He wares a long dark robe and nobody can see his face. A black mist seems to emerge from his robe. For he comes from a dark and unnatural place. This place was so dark and evil that it consumed him as a whole. He became lost, and confused. Until one day in the darkness he found a Hound. "A hell hound" he calls them.
These Hounds are tall , wide and have a strong build. Thier skin is soft but yet ruff like leather. Thier teeth are razor sharp and able to rip out your soul. Thier tail can burn you black, as it is a constant flame. But the one thing that was most terrifying was their eyes as they swirled like a red mist. 
This Hound become found of blackshade. The hound would protect him and keep him warm when cold, or help him hunt for food if need be. Eventually one day blackshade decided to try and ride the hound and every since all the hounds he has came across obey him as his hound does.
This confused blackshade as he was in the dark for so long he didn't think he would see life again. So he started thinking to himself " were they alone in the dark as well? Am i connected to them some how?"
These thoughts always ponder his mind. 

Blackshade eventually made it back to the light and found people. He had came along with his hound. People were unsure and did not like this hound as it was different. But blackshade still loved the hound, and some where deep inside him it hurt him nobody liked his hound. 
That soon changed! 
Blackshade ran into a fairy named Lintara. This fairy hailed from loreroot. Blackshade was stunned by her beauty and kindness. Lintara started to play with blackshade's hound and talk to him. 
This surprised blackshade as nobody would dare to even go near the hound. 
This gave blackshade hope. Hope he can bring more light into himself.

So he started to changed and found himself giving his items away most of the time.
Now a days he uses his chawan and heat solidifier to help others with a fusioneer like mentality. He used to look up to the old fusioneers as they were kind to all and would help people in need. but they were destroyed long ago. So now he try's to continue their steps slowly.
This dream is changing him in ways many wont understand. as he himself doesn't understand it.

Blackshade today continues his journey to find where he belongs. Looking in every land for his purpose for him and his hound . Soon he will find his answer and he hopes all will accept him and his hound.
Some of my creatures
Dark Soulweaver Reanimated Roots Muratus del Mur Molima

my hate list
Players I dislike No One, Nadrolski, Aethon

My beliefs
I believe in lots of things. not many I wish to discuss openly. if you wish to know my beliefs or military ways then please ask me and we will talk privately Thank you

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