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The Puzzle Master
Klaithe Grimsgaard
Lord Kaos
Muratus Clone
19 big A
Bored Clone
IAB the numberless
IAB the Bored
The Dung Man
Murry who isnt Murry
IAB the Annoyed
Friend of I am Bored
IAB of Necrovion
IAB of Marind Bell
IAB the Storage
I am NOT Bored duplicate
iab the test




I am Bored
Player ID: 38621
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : -2307
Energetic immunity : -3242
Trade sense : -1573
Briskness : -2887
Initiative : -2117
Defence : -6233
Attack : -9169
Power : -1686
Luck : -441
*volition : 55
*cartography : 20
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Royal Guard
Principle of Imagination = 432
Darkness Principle = 83
Time Principle = 95
Principle of Enthropy = 79
Element Principle = 18
Fresh reinstalled head, treat carefully he might crash
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 3130 | Lost: 4131
Honor: -5460
MindPower: 5

Dimensional Shifters
(MagicDuel Archives)
The oneness of your housing is at 10 %

You Found the top Again! Well done you!
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Some of my creatures
I am Bored 7 I am Bored 11 I am Bored 5 I am Bored 3 Imperial Aramor Assassin I am Bored 10 I am Bored 9 Shades blood pact Pimped Grasan II Elemental V

Riddles(hate list)



My Quest

  • At least 30 active days (in order to view the public logs)
For this quest you will have to find certain people with a Public Log and each one will be on active people. You will have to find all 12 parts of the math problem below, and tell me who has what pieces.

 A times (B minus C) plus D times (E times F) divided by G with an exponent of H times I plus J minus K divided by L

Please round your answer to the nearest hundredth place. (the second number after the decimal)

I might consider giving access to my creature book to those who complete this quest.



My Planned Quest

(This section is currently under construction.)

I am currently working on making a question for each page in the book, the first level has 30 pages (This isn't includung the title page) and the second level has 60 pages, the third has 97 pages, and the fourth has 195 pages. I am going to link the RPC editable items together, somewhat like what .SmartAlekRJ. did for his quest, except no working together, and most likely a few other changes, and there is currently as far as I know 57 of these clickable items, including those in golumus, although I only know of 4 in golumus, there are 53 outside of golumus, (I counted them myself) I am hoping that there is another 3 in golumus I haven't yet counted, so that I can have a quest for the second level of my book, via these rpc items. Currently I will have to get some RPC's to put the quest up for me, although that would take the fun out of it for them. I still have to think of a way to get the third and fourth levels ready. The first three levels of the book are already ready, apart from the last level of the shop soul, which is under construction, the fourth level will take a while to make though, because it has the stats of all the creatures as well. 



Boredom United

Below is  a list of people and their presedence in Boredom United:
  1. I am Bored
  2. IAB the Annoyed
  3. The Dung Man
  4. IAB the Numberless
  5. IAB 2
  6. Bored Clone
  7. The Puzzle Master
  8. Liberty




Page 427 - Tales of The Cube
"I would like to tell a story of my own, old man. Maybe you can advise me in my quest." Junior steps in front and sits down next to the man. "I once met a powerful being that taught me about respect and loyalty. The Commander lost its soldiers for a similar cube, and my mission is to find them. I did a lot of research since the quest for the Book of Principles, but some things simply don't fit together." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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