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Muratus del Mur
Player ID: 1028
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 1002
Energetic immunity : 228
Trade sense : 923
Initiative : 12
Defence : 113
Attack : 110
Luck : 99
Briskness : 94
Power : 90
Gardening : 0
Herbalism : 0
Woodcutting : 0
Waterhandling : 0
Finesse : 0
Volition : 125
Cartography : 24
Mining : 0
*taming : 0
*excavation : 0
Royal Guard
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Darkness Principle = 4000
Full powered judge, licenced to give death sentences without justification, known to have mental problems and to react deranged to people wearing red. Visually impaired, can't see colors.
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Battle stats
Won: 1465 | Lost: 2461
Honor: 3625
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
A way i see the world
MagicDuel Logo
(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
Why this symbol? Its not because it looks damn good. The story began long ago before the plans of this game, a story that i wont tell. What i want to tell is that the roots of all this are more stable than one of just a website somewere on the web. It might be that in time these roots will fade and very few of the inittial people will still exist but i do my part in keeping the legacy in the form of this community and assure that its path will be the right one and that it will not get tainted by religion, any particular tradition, cults, and so on.

Lectures / Public Debates
You find my lectures documented here


I will hold new lectures if the demand for them is high enough or occasionaly. You may request a lecture on one of the subjects i usualy handle.

- I like to look at little things and understand their greatness.
- I like to observe my enemies untill i can understand their reasons fully, then decide again if they are my enemies or not.
- I like to follow my dreams regardless of other people reactions to them.

*CrazyMike*: @Mur, make yrself visible!
Willem RedBeard: Unbeliever! You don't need to see Mur to know he's there *grins*

NONE, no not "my own" just NONE, i keep an open mind and thats all. All religions speak about the same thing , its just the way they do that differes and how far they decide to stop seeking. Asians went a bit more deeper in this, christians stoped seeking long ago, but eventualy any religion puts an end to your searches and stops you from researching the true "god" thats actualy you.

"Neither shall they say see here or see there, for behold, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20)


Heresy mens in greek choice, yet it become the enemy of the church.


Some of my creatures
Gift Elly v Elephant BARRY Revolted Skill Vampire MRI\'s Fear Drakeota Constipated Grasan 1mp3r14l 4ss4ss1n Mur Hollow Warrior Chaos Archer Santa IV
The quests of Mur
 Knight Order
 This order is now under the leadership of Shadowseeker. Please refer to him for any questions. I will soon exit this order but i will probably keep my Code Knight rank

Random things:

What do I do sa a role? I give special abilites and game roles to those worthy of it. In other words i create RPC or PWR players....but pm-ing me about your role will only put you far back on my list. I hate PM's of any kind, they take much precious time away from me and keep me away from working on game features and improvements, so if you want to pm me about something, first think if you can ask that thing to someone else before you bug me. There are guilds or players for almost any kind of thing you could require.

Sometimes i play as an other character...what character... you will not allways know, because i use to change it or temporarly takeover other characters for my own personal selfish FUN.

There is one thing i enjoy more than playing this game and that is to continuosly DEVELOP it.

I have a strange logic about reinforcing rules, i am not protecting anyone more than anyone else, but i do have my own reasons how i apply punishments and promotions and i will not allways disclose that logic.

RPCs have diplomatic immunity so if an RPC says one thing and a regular player sais something else, the authority of the RPC will be more important. If you ever want to say something against an RPC you should find strong arguments and preferably gather more voices on your side. RPCs are equal in front of me, even if some have more important roles than the others.

You can email me for payment related issues, if you are a very talented artist, or if you see code errors in the page.

oh and should i mention that strange things can happen in a palce where i am at? thats because because i usualy stay in game to work on things...so you stay around me at your own risk :P


(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
funny thing i heard: "Whats a Mur?"

Mastering The Void (Book 1)

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Be smart
IF YOU FIGHT - use the nemy strength in your favor, high vitality means they are vulnerable to steallife and large armeis mean they are weak to single creature attacks....or sort of ... :P ...i will probably rewrite this to make more sense IF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE GAME IS MUCH MORE THAN FIGHTING - get a role, its hard, but will place you among realy special people. Even without an official MD role you can play your own role in this game world, and by doing so you will not care about losing or winning fights anymore. The fighting stops at MP5, so think there is a reason why there are just 3 levels out of 7 that allow you to fight and the others are about something else. Losing all the time - so what? you die? your creatures die? you lose stats? read the fighting article Next video is for testing of youtube stream

Page 285 - A Freezing Firestarter
Phrog's spirit is starting to look a little dreary when the clouds give way and sunshine pours down upon his freezing soul, and gives him a little strength to move once more. Looking to see his temporary savior, he sees only the passing of a silent figure holding an umbrella. "It would seem I have enough energy to move once more..I should act quickly with this breath of life." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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