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Shadow Dawn
Jessa Landcaster
Elik Elbane
Meyore Esilos
Harkness Whyght
Raale Kesh
William Williamson
Amelia Seyruun
Latix Lolz
Jathem Sonet
Phoebii Zee




Player ID: 184261
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Regeneration : 5072
Energetic immunity : 15109
Trade sense : 60
Briskness : 87
Initiative : 3055
Defence : 153
Attack : 10214
Power : 1564
Luck : 487
Volition : 203
Cartography : 19
*excavation : 0
Herbalism : 0
Mining : 0
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
Principle of Cyclicity = 934
Principle of Balance = 388
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 346
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Battle stats
Won: 533 | Lost: 852
Honor: 1386
MindPower: 5
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We are the Shades.  We watch. We listen. We determine. We comprehend. We protect. We attack. We conceal. We reveal. We deny untruth. We are the truth. We love. We consume. We absorb. We convert. We create. We preserve. We destroy. We free. We inspire. We empower. We adapt. We embrace. We are Nava.

We are the authors of existence. We are the chaos behind what you call reality.

I am the Shade Sentinel.  I watch. I listen. I determine. I comprehend. I protect. I attack. I conceal. I reveal. I deny untruth. I am the truth. I love. I consume. I absorb. I convert. I create. I preserve. I destroy. I free. I inspire. I empower. I adapt. I embrace. I am Nava.

I am the author of existence. I am the chaos behind what you call reality.

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Some of my creatures

There is no hatred here.

Empathize and adapt.

Page 322 - The Inner Sun - Bo.
After searching for what feels like days, Bootes discovers a wooden box with some papers on a desk tucked away in the corner of the vast study. He notices that all of the items bear the mark of the Inner Sun. Bootes' curiosity is piqued by the wooden box, which rattles when picked up. "Hmm? What is This?" Click >here< to find out. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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