I'm Sharazhad

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Thanks for popping by... I'm a nature girl, but plants are my thing. I collect em, dry them, investigate them, brew them, smoke them :) whatever gets me going :) I specialise in the fine art of potion making, and carry some stuff with me wherever I go in my magic bag of tricks.  I love tequila .... and sometimes feed some to Bob when Zleiph isnt looking :)


Sharazhad's Story

Sharazhad's parents were not royalty, nor were they astounding warriors, musicians or even poets.  They were simple folk working in the palace, under the rule of  Prince Zhair of Turhan.  He was a good ruler, but his spirit of adventure was his weakness.  Beyond the Plains of Turhan, Prince Zhair encounterd a force too mighty for his gentle kingdom to endure. The entire kingdom was annihilated.  It was during this battle, that Sharazhad's parents fled to the nearby forests.  They knew that they would be pursued and; making the greatest decision of her life, Sharazhad's mother bundled the little infant in a basket and hid her sleeping child amongst the thickest flora in the forest. 

A forest elf found the sleeping baby, and took her back to the elf queen.  They debated about her staying with them, as they frowned upon mixing the two races.  It was then agreed that if the one who found her wished it, he should raise her as humanly as possible. However while the child was in his possession he was not to enter the Elvin city but remain in the forest with her, to watch her, and teach her. She was named Sharazhad because simply because the swaddling cloth bore that name.

So Sharazhad grew up amongst the trees and nature.She learnt a bit about elf magic, and potion making but was forbidden to practice it while she was in the forest. The elf taught her everything about plants, and to respect them.   As she matured into an adult, the kindly elf told her that she was old enough to look after herself now, as he wished to return to his people. Saddened, by the news, she understood and hugged the forest elf, and began her journey to find her people. 

Upon entering the land of Turhan she saw ruins... nothing remained of the gentle kingdom, however something glistened amongst the rubble.  The curious young lady went over to examine it and found an ornate silver tube with  a map inside. The directions were to a carnival... and underneath scrawled in ink, were the words: Seek the truth...