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Player ID: 91949
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Regeneration : 126
Energetic immunity : 99
Trade sense : 52
Briskness : 106
Initiative : 75
Defence : 303
Attack : 472
Luck : 56
Power : 76
*herbalism : 9
*volition : 80
*cartography : 17
Woodcutting : 7
Experimentalism : 0
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Principle of Imagination = 1022
Transposition Principle = 536
Principle of Light = 1197
Principle of Balance = 1013
Principle of Enthropy = 34
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Battle stats
Won: 660 | Lost: 1013
Honor: 4161
MindPower: 5
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The herbalist, tobaccoist, and tequila loving Chemist


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Sharazhad tries to live by the following code:


1) Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
2) Be a voice for those who cannot speak.
3) Do what is right, even if it is not the easy thing to do.
4) Hurt no living thing - (which is why she is a vegan)
5) Love, Live, and be Merry - for your eyes may not see tomorrow


Sharazhad's Story - Chapter 1 

Sharazhad's parents were not royalty, nor were they astounding warriors, musicians or even poets. They were simple folk working in the palace, under the rule of Prince Zhair of Turhan. He was a good ruler, but his spirit of adventure was his weakness. Beyond the Plains of Turhan, Prince Zhair encounterd a force too mighty for his gentle kingdom to endure. The entire kingdom was annihilated. It was during this battle, that Sharazhad's parents fled to the nearby forests. They knew that they would be pursued and; making the greatest decision of her life, Sharazhad's mother bundled the little infant in a basket and hid her sleeping child amongst the thickest flora in the forest.


A forest elf found the sleeping baby, and took her back to the elf queen. They debated about her staying with them, as they frowned upon mixing the two races. It was then agreed that if the one who found her wished it, he should raise her as humanly as possible. However while the child was in his possession he was not to enter the Elvin city but remain in the forest with her, to watch her, and teach her. She was named Sharazhad because simply because the swaddling cloth bore that name.


So Sharazhad grew up amongst the trees and nature.She learnt a bit about elf magic, and potion making but was forbidden to practice it while she was in the forest. The elf taught her everything about plants, and to respect them. As she matured into an adult, the kindly elf told her that she was old enough to look after herself now, as he wished to return to his people. Saddened, by the news, she understood and hugged the forest elf, and began her journey to find her people.


Upon entering the land of Turhan she saw ruins... nothing remained of the gentle kingdom, however something glistened amongst the rubble. The curious young lady went over to examine it and found an ornate silver tube with a map inside. The directions were to a carnival... and underneath scrawled in ink, were the words: Seek the truth...




 Sharazhad’s Story – Chapter 2

Upon arriving at the Carnival, Sharazhad had learnt that she was not human or even half-elf.  She is indeed an Elf. Who she is as an elf, hasn’t dawned on her yet.    Her memory returns in bits and she recalls pieces of conversations she had with the kindly elf that took care of her just before she left.  Her father Rahullithian was the Heir to the Elven throne.  Her mother Sha’Ina was a beautiful forest elf whose arrows never missed their target.


Rahullithian’s brother, Kai’zhar envied this relationship and had slain his brother, breaking the Elven code that states: An Elf shall not intentionally harm another elf.  By doing so, Kai' zhar had become a Drow – A bad-elf. Shades in flesh.  The Forest elves of Turhan were appalled by this atrocity and the elders banned Kai’zhar from the forest. 


In fear for her life and her unborn child, Sha’Ina begged the elf at the apothecary for a potion to make her human.  Moved by the tears and fear in the mother’s eyes, he agreed.   It cost Sha’Ina her Lifestone and she fled to the Human city of Turhan to become a cook in the palace.  It wasn’t long after that a human male had fallen in love with her. She married him, to continue to be under the guise of a human.  It worked for a while; till the Elf child was born.  The changes in the elements were instantly picked up by the elves in the forest – and the Drows. 


The Drows sent an army to annihilate the palace.  Fortunately for them, the prince of Turhan had accidently stumbled upon them during his travels, which gave the Drows a “reason” for attack.  Sha’Ina knew exactly what happened and fled to the forest, bundling the child in a basket with a swaddling cloth that bore the name Sharazhad – A derivative from both her parents’ names. 


When she arrived at the forest, the elders knew who she was; but they had elected a new queen by then, and had asked her not to allow the infant into the Elven city. It would cause much unbalance and besides Sharazhad looked more like a human infant than an elf.


The Forest elf who found her, was deeply disturbed by this outcome and asked if he could look after her; after all it he who gave Sha’Ina the potion and owned her lifestone.  On the day Sharazhad was to leave the forest, he gave her the lifestone to her as a gift.    It would be useless now, but it was still beautiful – a dark blue stone, set in silver leaves- and it was the only connection Sharazhad had to her parents. 


The elf also gave her the Elf stone of Turhan –a dark greenstone set in a silver acorn- a reminder that no matter where she ventured, the forests of Turhan will always be her home.


The Drow had spies everywhere and soon found out that Sharazhad was now residing in MD. They sent  a rider, to remove her memories and her belongings as they could not slay her in MD.  The most they could do was force her to forget who she was, lest she return – rightful heir to the throne.


Sharazhad practices the art of Potion making.  She is a skilled postions master and can make anything save potions for love and wealth. Her heart lies with the forest and has a keen intrest in plants.  She studies them, and uses them as a base for all her potions.  Soon she hopes to open her shop Trix of the Trade which will supply MD with all sorts of potions and brews. 




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Some of my creatures
Ashay Shazia Rhavi Balthazar Izanagi Halle Raiden - War Master Arjun

My album and Diary


"Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can't help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity" - Heinlien

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Me doing one of my favourite hobbies... and  me in a "light pheonix" form.  If you ever see me like this consider yourself blessed; since flying makes me very very dizzy.

Pictures of Friends...

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Shemhazaj.... an awesome addition to Loreroot.

Don't be blown about like a leaf in the wind.
Decide what you want and have a goal. 
Make a strategy.

Always have a strategy. 
Your strategy doesn't have to be complicated.
Start with outlining what you're good at, and what you're not. Examine your threats and your opportunities.  Once you know where your weaknesses lie you can develop a strategy to protect yourself and your critters.  It's ok if you need to re-work your strategy a number of times.  Do it until YOU are happy with it. 

Keep a number of strategies if you wish, or stick to one. Remember that as you change and your environment changes so will your strategy.  

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