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Player ID: 77300
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 1338
Energetic immunity : 1542
Trade sense : 926
Briskness : 995
Initiative : 699
Defence : 2906
Attack : 4688
Power : 612
Luck : 294
Waterhandling : 55
*herbalism : 18
Experimentalism : 8
*volition : 514
*cartography : 31
*gardening : 9
Dowsing : 40
*mining : 9
*filtering : 8
*taming : 8
Woodcutting : 7
Finesse : 2
Bobness : 6
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Transposition Principle = 4000
Principle of Balance = 4000
Element Principle = 4000
Principle of Light = 4000
A lazy sense obsessed guardian of many and one. Frequently found napping, he does not appreciate being woken up. He is like a pool, step in without checking the water and you may break your leg.
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Battle stats
Won: 2557 | Lost: 2557
Honor: 3420
MindPower: 5

Defenders of Bob
(Established Housings)
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %

Some of my creatures
Asahi Lindt Gnat Karl Marx Aramor Assassin Archibald the First Harvey Birdman Edmond Goat Boy Dark Soulweaver Derek


Hate is a power, just as Love is a power.
Each offers its own benefits and downfalls.

When one is out of life, one is in death
The companions of life are thirteen
The companions of death are thirteen
and when a living person moves into the realm of death, his companions are also thirteen
How is this?
Because he draws upon the resources of life too heavily

It is said that he who knows well how to live meets no tigers or wild buffaloes on his road
and comes out from the battle-ground untouched by the weapons of war
For, in him,
a Buffaloe would find no butt for his horns,
a Tiger nothing to lay his claws upon,
and a weapon of war no place to admit its point
How is this?
Because there is no room for Death in him.

~Lao Tzu~

Page 147 - The Shade Ballance - Nel. Kn.
Concerned by the recent missing of the Knator Commander, Nelya summons the coincil. "Fellow Lorerootians we must take action. Yesterday i saw a dark beem shooting to the sky from deep inside necrovion. I don't know what it is but its defenetly not good. It seems our spies where unable to find any info on this so far. Our Commander is nowhere to be found, i heard terrible rumors that he got even more involved in his music rehearsals. I respect him a lot but i fear his ..advanced age.. hinders him from seeing the dangerous situation clearly. I dont know if that music stuff of his is simply a way to escape reality or has a plan behind it, but so far it seems useless. We must mentain a strategic advantage, be it brute force, or secret knowledge." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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