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Game reviews submited by players

Draconis -
thank you very much also i just want someone to know im enjoying this game very very much my congratulations to the team and makers keep up the great work

killer2 - Robert,Age 24, lawyer
I have played mainy games all of a good stantard but magic duel just stood out and with the daily updates it just makes it new and interesting. It rocks with the gaming side and the making friends with other people. I was stuck with some parts of the game bu the moderators are cool and helped me out. Its the best rpg of all time!

crissxcross - Criss
First I wanna tell this is a great game, well thought and for even not beta, it is working fine here. I am glad I found this game :)

MoonShadow - MoonShadow
hi magic duel is the way coolest game ever! the way you have the players split up in different levels so it always fair who you're fighting against is good. And the story line is sooo interesting it makes you want to keep going as far as you can to see what's next. I really like how you're always adding more to the game all the time I never know what's next... it's the best game on the internet! :)

chinablue - Aaron Kueh, 30 years old
Hi, I am Aaron Kueh (in game name: chinablue). This year age 30. I start play Magic Duel when I see the Magic Duel banner at other game website. For me, Magic Duel is very interesting game compare to other website game. I have play more than 10 server game (like Monstersgame (3 servers), Knighfight (2 servers), Dignfight, Tribarwars (peak time 3 servers, but now thinking to stop play this game. Need a lot of time to play it) and rule the sea). I start play this game is alpha 3 version and now already alpha 5. I really can not wait to see how this game will look like after it is fully develop. Now everyday I can not wait to play this game. This game already become my focus game. Other game I only play for fun. Please help to send my regards to the Magic Duel development team. They really do a great works. Wish this game will be the best website game.

ReaperofTears - Paul, 16 years old
I have been searching for a good RPG for a long time. So far, I have only been able to find simple-minded things and unsatisfactory experiences. When I found Magicduel from one of my former friends, I was skeptical. The game wouldn't load on any of my home computer (dial-up, ugh) and school was taking up a lot of my life. But then I began to experiment with the game and became addicted. The artwork was what first grabbed me. Creature battles, exploring, buying equipment, I've seen it before. But as I played and looked at the different scenes and at the creatures I realized how different it was from the other games I had played.
Artwork is one of my weaknesses and after I experienced the higher levels of creatures and of the different scenes I grasped the full excellence of Magicduel. Each of the little puzzles or tasks I did required more effort than in any other game. Even what seems like a simple task like upgrading a creature takes much more attention and devotion. Even the little details such as the poems have made this game stand out in my mind. This is a breath of new life into the world of RPGs for me, considering the poorly constructed games of my past that required a minimal amount of attention.
This game has me so hooked that I am now stealing high speed internet from my neighbors! With a new laptop and a strong internet connection I have explored the world of Magicduel and have become even more fond of it. And with every time I log on, some new change has been made to improve gameplay. This shows devotion from the admins and makes players like me continue to play. Too many games have drifted into desolation due to noncommital administrators. These changes are what makes this game great. I would rather play a constantly evolving game than an abandoned one.
Overall Magicduel is one of those rare sites that you find by chance. I don't think I'll stop playing anytime soon. All I really have to say, after this whole essay I wrote is: keep up the good work and keep improving this game. You have developed the most satisfying and most intricate online RPG I've ever played. Thanks for making this a free game, otherwise I'm not sure I would have played. I promise I'll donate some money someday . . . lol.

Gjinja - Gjinja
Just wanna let you know in my opinion Magic Duel is the perfect combination of battles & puzzles... the PvP ritual creating is ingenious, & the non-combat NPC quests & interaction is really kewl. All that & with such awesome artwork makes it my favorite game on the net! I can spend hours just wandering around in the different lands & checking things out. :)
Thanks for making such a kewl game!

phrog - Casey Allred, 29 year old firefighter in San Antonio, TX
The community development is great. You have done a good job designing the system so people have to interact. Duels are interesting and leave plenty of room for strategy and variations. The ritual setup process is cumbersome. After selecting which creatures to use the next screen shows you a list of the same creatures and then the next one gives you the same list just adding the option to pick their actions. The screen listing the creatures only is redundant and should be removed. Additionally, it would be great to have the defensive vitality option placed on the same screen as the action choices, just to consolidate. More than once I've had my creatures killed because I was busy setting up a ritual and it took too long to go through all the steps. The art is fantastic. In real life, I'm Casey Allred. I'm a 29 year old firefighter in San Antonio, TX. Prior to playing MD I played Carnageblender for 5 years. It was a game with some similarities to the duel portion of MD, but did not have the story, art, or other features. I find MD very interesting because of the many options available for development over time. Overall, good job.

PeterParker - PeterParker
Magic Duel takes a little too long to really get into, but once you get past the initial start-up time, it's a ton of fun and incredibly addicting. One of the funnest parts of the entire game is the fact that it is still in the process of being made! This gives me the unique opportunity to be involved in the process through feedback, as well as enjoying seeing everything come together and continue to develop while I'm playing.

chewett2 - Mr Chris Thweet 25 IT consultant
the game is intresting... like a good book it is hard to be stop playing

Zintwana - Conor, 29 years old, UK
My names Conor, I'm 29 from the UK and have been playing MagicDuel for several months now. I'm really enjoying this game - it's unique with fantastic artwork and an evolving storyline. I particularly enjoy the Alpha and Beta phase of any game as you can really see the thought processes behind the game and certainly the change logs help to visualize the direction the game is heading. I'm really looking forward to seeing how magic will be incorporated into the game play.
Overall though it's a great game with even greater potential. I'm really looking forward to the next few months playing it.

Narvak - Narvak, Sweden
This game is a fun web based onlinegame. It's not like all the other games that you can find on internet instead it's diffrent, diffrent and fun! I have have played a lot of web based onlinegames but noone of them was diffrent they were all like eachother. Magic duel is a diffrent game with cool stories and puzzles.

sindevil00 - Chris, 26, Texas, Police Officer
This is one of the best games I have ever played, and the only one of its type that I have kept playing for more than a few days. This is due to its difficulty, I usually beat a game within weeks, the game that took me the longest is Oblivion on XBOX360. If the game is unbeatable, I play it until there is nothing left to find or challenge me and it becomes boring. Speaking of XBOX (and other systems), I spend more time on this game than on any other games. I come here daily to fight and see any changes. The graphics and creatures are great and the creatures level and change into better creatures. Also, with the creatures in mind, it is awesome that to level certain creatures changes its type of attack or defense ability. And, it is great to have the MD shop. Most games ask for money to either just play them or for minor benefits (like enhanced graphics or colors), but the MD shop has great items. I do wish there were more, esp since I am almost out of things to buy. I kinda went crazy on them, always trying to get the next item to see what it is. Thanks a ton for such a wonderful game. I will definitely stick around as long as the game continues.

RobinzHood - Steven Robbins, 17 years old, Washington State
I first joined this game because, the ad for it in Astro Empires mentioned something about magic, so I thought I would check it out. From there, I created an account started the story mode, and didn't like how I started so I restarted. Got up to the end of the story mode that was finished, and thought that this game was probably taking up too much of my time but, that was before I meet .Muratus del Mur. in the game. We started talking some and that is about when my playing Magic Duel, kind of took off. I like everything that the Magic Duel Staff has created for the game, and I can't wait to see more. Most of what keeps me on today is just waiting to see what new thing they come out with next.

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Transposition Principle

.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
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Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
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