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Timeles Shot Spell

- One single spell as a sample, play the game to discover the rest -

Part 1 - L:1
Any shot is composed of three actions: the initiation, the impact and the effect. The initiation is based on the attacker, the impact is based on the initiation and the effect is based on the impact. All three actions make a whole, a sole identity of the event. This whole can be mainly seen having a beginning, based on the initiation and an end, based on the effect.

Part 2 - L:3
The same shot can be dealt directly with only the use of the two ends, but an identity has to be formed, as in the case of the three actions. Thus the shot can be formed from initiation and effect, the effect being formed and based on the identity of the event.
In other words, the effect of a shot can be obtained only by the intention of the attacker, from which the initiation is formed and by the acknowledgement of the event's identity, which would have formed the deadly three action shot.

Part 3 - L:5
At a more advanced level, the attacker's intention can be divided into consumed energy and identity, and the consumed energy can be obtained directly from the attacked. If the shot would lack the initiation, it would be as if time would lack the past. The effect wouldn't have an origin, thus it wouldn't have a destination, making it not cancelable. It is the most powerful shot possible, having an infinite continuity, without a beginning or an end, being more powerful than any curse met.

Part 4 -L:6
The shot can be achieved perfectly only with the sacrifice of the attacker, situation in which the effect of the attack is linked to the event of the sacrifice, increasing its potential, the result being fatal both for the attacked and the attacker. Although it is still uncertain, it is presumed that only ethereal entities, which posses the capacity to transport themselves from this world to the world beyond, could accomplish this feat perfectly.

Part 5 - L:7
The only method to cancel such a shot would be to create a balance of focus, merging the shot of the attacker with the body and spirit of the attacked, thus transmuting the body and spirit in to a similar entity that is in the same timeless realm in which the shot is. As a drawback the merging leads to the death of the attacked, and the return to this world requires an excess of will. If the shot isn't perfect, other canceling methods can be used like finding the identity of the attacker and the reconstruction of the timeless chain that formed the shot, preventing it from happening or at least decreasing its effectiveness.

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.:Principles of Magic:.

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.:Innermagic Spells:.

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