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People working on this project

 A lot of people got involved with this project but only few remained in touch with it over time. Out of all the people involved with its development, two deserve the most respect and credit for their work. Ady for building things like initial story and putting the game concepts presented by Mur into a understandable text, and Valy for drawing almost the entire realm map as you know it with its scenes, creatures and more, covering over 80% of the artworks done for MD. Both their genious and commitment to this project ensured its quality as you see it today and represented a sample for the people coming after them.

Project Founder, (only) programmer and the "mastermind" behind this all :P: Muratus del Mur a.k.a King Manu

Game Manager: None (formerly Shoeps)
Art Supervisor: None (formerly Valy)
Legends Supervisor: None (formerly Ady, then Archivists)
Artists Manager: None (formerly Glordamar)
Chief Archivist: None (formerly Pamplemousse, Je Suis Oeuf Fous)
LHO Inquisitor: Grido
Translations: Divided in teams
Forum Admin: Chewett
MD University: None (formerly Calyx of Isis)
Bugs and Experiments: Can't tell, its secret :P

The game structure and roles change much faster than this page gets updated. For now consider this info obsolete.

Below this line this page needs heavy updating and its kep only for historic purposes.


- text/story, legends (Renavoid,Logan,Ady)
- storyline artworks (Valy)
- poems (Ady) - done
- image processing (Manu, Valy)
- weapon artworks (Valy) - done
- creature artworks (Valy, Boba) done
- avatars (Glordamar,BlackThorn,Morell,Amorte,,Ionut, Valentina, Boba)
- creature descriptions, creature stats (Paul Asa, Ady, Manu)
- landscape scenes (Valy) - done
- archives, daily calendar, MDA research (Shoeps, Actraiser)
- spells, magic, puzzles, secrets (Manu)
- game engine and interface (Manu)
- this presentation site (Manu)
- spelling corrections: chewett (updates pending)
- voting and ads management: (Steno)
- bug report management: (dst, No one, ugauga)
- translations: many people, to be updates soon (NelyaSetesh)

Romanian Team
Adrian, STF, Dan (ugauga), Manu

Dutch Team
Shoeps, Metal Bunny, devildice

Spanish Team
Casey Allred, Alche, Darwing Manuel, Ahkkharu

Polish Translation
Jakub Mirski (Evil Mofu)

Latvian Translation
Gints Baumanis

German Translation
Jan K. (Kybernetiker)

Live help Operators: Akasha, Actraiser, ugauga, Samhain, Zero, more...
- Forum mods: Ana-Maria, Amelia, chewett, enslaved, horrisyodo, Kvark, Thanatos, ugauga, Zero
- New feature testers: STF,Actraiser, Shoeps, BigC, Mingao, Kvark, Zero, Deetn, omegaweapon, many more...

Hall of fame - To be updated soon
order of listing is not important

Manuel Tanase - Muratus del Mur - KingManu
Project founder

Stefan Valentin - Valy
90% of the game artworks, creatures, scenes, weapons

Adrian Apostol - Ady - Fenix
Storyline, game ideas, land names, poems, spell translations, many more. The oldest active team member.

Ionita Mihai Bogdan - Boba
Necrovion artworks, part of them. Creatures.

Ana-Maria - Akasha
Moral support, made me pass the dificult moments. Active live support operator, and other maintence tasks.

Paul Asa
Creature descriptions, one of the most beautifull i ever saw.

MDA research, daily calendar that pops up when you login, management of the Archive research team.

For first and probably the only MD game manager. MDA research, Dutch Team manager. Translated most of the dutch version of the game.

MarindBell artworks, part of them. One of the first artist to work on the game.

First artist to work on the game, however not many of her fdrawings are now used. Joined the team together with Adrian but quit years ago due to limited time available.

Very unsure on her skills at first, she started to draw beautifull avatars and seems promising in creating new creatures too

STF - "John Doe"
Officialy addicted to Magicduel, found that if you dont log out several weeks you dont get the deserved loyalty points (who else would have discovered that , lol). Active live help operator and bug report. One of the first supporters.

Ionut Baic - bike von bike
Very talented artist, made the first wave of avatars and will work on new game sections. Very friendly and sociable guy.

One of the olderst enthusiasts of the project, even before it was playable.

One of the olderst enthusiasts of the project, even before it was playable.

One of the olderst enthusiasts of the project, even before it was playable.

The first to reach mindpower 8 when mp4 was the highest :). Veteran player that was a benchmark for player power for quite a while.

Dan - ugauga
Enthusiast player, took over managing bug reports and helping any way he could with the player support and bug testing.

Dutch team member, translated a lot of the dutch version. Gained the 'rank' of 'nonstoptalker' after trying to socialize _a lot_ with everybody he could. Very fun and friendly guy.

Started as 'papercabin helper', now handles the voting sites subscription and other advertising tasks. Seems to be a nice and honest guy.

Started as a 'papercabin helper', now spends some of his time helping new players to find their way in the game.

Gained his rank of  'renegade bug tester' after gaining the most powerfull stats in the game (exploiting something he had no clue it was a bug then). Helped a lot with the testing of the most dangerous bugs and was for a while one of the most feared players..and the most hated too :).

in work ..spanish translation, among the first protectors

First to reach max xp limit. motivated me one dy to start and finish magic engine in just one day of work.

Found out a secret passage to the archives back when they were not open yet. He has a street named after him there. Also helps with spanish translation

For redefining the bugtester-abuser concept. Hats off.


bahhhh... so many more, i will remove this list soon, i simply can't handle updating it and its realy unfair to miss people from it. SORRY!



Other people that worked on this project:

Lance04 (image processing) , Lews (creature descriptions), Angela(artworks), Boba(artworks), kSS(image processing), Adela(graphics & game concept), Ina(translations), Yoz(translations), Sandra(creature descriptions and translations), Bianca(graphics & game concept), Razvan(taskbar notifyer, unfinished) and I realy hope I didn't miss anyone.

We appologise to all the players who waited so much for this game to be available and we assure you, you won't be dissapointed. Please subscribe to our betatesting list so that you will be notified when new content is added to this site and when the game starts. All the people that stayed with us so long will be awarded a loyalty medal once the game commences and the most active members will have unlimited access to whatever restricted features the game may have in the future.


.: HOME :.

browser game

.:Principles of Magic:.

Principle of Cyclicity
Principle of Balance
Element Principle
Principle of Enthropy
Principle of Imagination
Darkness Principle
Principle of Light
Principle of Syntropy
Time Principle
Transposition Principle

.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
Cures (intro)
Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
Group Spirit
The sword slash
~Fantasy Records~

.:Latest Adventurers:.

new player
Belltrond Sinadel
John Rothmaker
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