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Player ID: 21110
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Regeneration : 31
Energetic immunity : 53
Trade sense : 19
Initiative : 27
Defence : 141
Briskness : 35
Attack : 231
Power : 62
Luck : 9
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Darkness Principle = 30
Principle of Light = 222
Principle of Imagination = 23
Time Principle = 24
Principle of Enthropy = 210
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Battle stats
Won: 1033 | Lost: 1061
Honor: 4838
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Medusa\'s Amulet Quest
Greetings at all! My master Savelfuser asked me if i can help him to find some place for one research! To be honest i don\'t know what he is searching but he told me to do one list with: 1.Name of Place 2.Territory 3.Coord of these places!....Can you help me? THE PLACES ARE: \"A beautiful sanctuary Shining light You can still feel the power\" \"Ready to play a odd game? Only here you will find it Be careful, u can become crazy\" \"In middle of nowhere A man is standing here Watching all person who cross the path\" \"Like in a cube Nothing to hear The perfect place to rest\" \"A trench coming from outside Guarded by one who have no face A great danger can come from here\" \"A wooden passage Wind is blowing Seems to be something secret\" \"Near from the death Near from the balance You seem so quiet\" \"A hole with no exit Only dark is escaping Enter only if you dare !\" \"Lots of soul rest in peace Sun is shining on steel All is over now\" \"Brave champion Prove your worth Climb to the summit\" You have to do a list of these places and give it to Savelfuser! Savelfuser want two shoots so be carefull!
Some of my creatures
Pitagora Boss James Euclide Ganjalf Varignon Rizlas Eistein

Page 517 - A Debt Repaid
Eon hefted his coin pouch, pleased at its weight. He repeated to himself the names of the Tainted Warriors to die. Familiar chatter surrounded the Gazebo of Equilibrium. Nobody saw him slit the throat of the sleeping Fire Starter, but Vicious Chaossword discovered the dead man slumped over in a pool of his own blood. She looked at the others arrayed around the gazebo and noticed a smirk on Maebius's face."This is your doing," she said, and Maebius gave a small nod. "But why?" She demanded. "Why is not for the public record," he replied. "It had to be done. Now it is done." A week later Syrian looked around frantically as a spellgate dropped her in front of the gazebo. She spied the flash of Eon's dagger descending on her just in time to take a glancing blow just below the collar. She jumped through a gate to King Azull, who was writing in his office in the Accursed Growth. "Eon came for me!" she gasped, breathless and bloody. The king met her eyes. "We're being hunted," he said. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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