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Player ID: 77528
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Regeneration : 10
Energetic immunity : 5
Trade sense : 6
Briskness : 15
Initiative : 9
Defence : 7
Attack : 19
Power : 7
Luck : 2
Principle of Imagination = 38
Principle of Enthropy = 43
Darkness Principle = 40
Time Principle = 35
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Battle stats
Won: 102 | Lost: 102
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 4
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Theory of Holes
Possible Tags: Interdimensional Physicist, Aether\'s Rationalist, Magical Scientist I am here to observe and understand this plane. Every plane abides by rules - I have found planes with luminiferous aether, and others where light propogates through void; planes that tear themselves apart before observers can form, and planes so dense not even light can escape. Observations thus far: In this plane, balance dominates. As in a solid where charge migrates either through an electron (- charge) or a hole (+ charge). It is through recombination that excitons are unleashed and energy is formed. Here, the energy unleashed from balance can be captured. I will capture it and grow strong, and advance my studies.
Some of my creatures

Page 400 - The Inner Sun - Am.
Amoran leans against the tree which sways in response to her presence. She has exhausted herself and the words echo in her head. “He wanted to tell his story to someone worthy. Am… I to be tested…” she trails off, frightened at what it may mean. Unable to concentrate any longer, she eases to the ground, her eyes drift close, and she dreams. Click >here< to help. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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