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Player ID: 257841
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Volition : 19
Mining : 0
Regeneration : 50
Energetic immunity : 250
Trade sense : 0
Briskness : 0
Initiative : 0
Defence : 500
Attack : 1
Cartography : 7
Luck : 0
Power : 0
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Battle stats
Won: 15 | Lost: 4
Honor: 112
MindPower: 3
You are not yet a member of any alliance
It's not how much money you make - it's how little money you lose! Abide the following Laws of Scientific Principles;

1. Abide the Law:Pandora's box. Pandora's box must be opened. Pandora's box is not a toy. Only trade a tenth of your margin once a day! (Example; 100÷10=10. Make one trade for 10 every day.) This means your margin will last more than one week.

2. Abide the Law:Murphey's law. If something can go wrong - it will. Murphey's law can be countered by the Principle of Least Action. 100-10=90.100÷10=10. 100(Margin before trade.)-10(Trade)=90(Margin after trade.). If your trade of 10 succeeds - you will receive a profit of around 5-8 and your investment of 10 will be returned to you. Add them both up. 5-8(Profit.)+10(Returned investment.)=15-18(Total.). Return 15 back to the margin and we'll get to the remaining 1-3 a little later. 90(Margin before return.)+15(Return.)=105(Margin after return.). Do this once a day. If you succeed - leave for 24x Hours. If you fail - leave for 24x Hours. As you get better and more focused - you will succeed more than you fail if you only do this once. This is because 'Bad luck is a scientific law (Much like Gravity) and if you only give it one opportunity a day to strike your margin - you will find that it can't keep up with the serious way you choose to make your one and only daily trade.

3. Abide the Law:Moore's law. Go nuts! Outside of your margin you should have around 1-3. Let's assume you have 1 (1 is also the lowest you can trade). Trade it and you will receive (in total)
Some of my creatures

I am above hate.

Page 48 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo. END
"So...it seams you solved my riddle afterall.." . The landscape changes and STF finds himself back at the wizards place. A distant wisper fades in his mind as he wakes from the dream .."I will be around you wherever you go....". STF has a powerful feeling that he learned something new. The presence of .Morpheus. becomes part of him, the dream master will hunt the dreams of whoever he wishes. He walks away from the wizards place, fearing of what else could happen to him if he tries to challenge the wizard again. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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