When i first joined MagicDuel, i immediately knew i wanted to be a part of Marind Bell. This land won me over primarily for quite a few reasons. I joined back when the Original Story Mode was still in play, and by natural selection and fate, i ended up on the story path that unlocked access to all Marind Bell locations. I got to meet Marind through the story, and i fell in love with who she was, and who she still is. Shortly after i finished the Story, i began to acquaint myself with all the people of Marind Bell, and there were so many shining lights to choose from. Handy Pockets very quickly became my Queen, and Maebius very quickly became my mentor. These two taught me to love and trust in excess, and my heart was never without care for others in those days. I was happy to be in the land that i loved with the people i loved the most. I was whole. I was The Light Fang.

Now & Forever Loyal To
Golemus Golemicarum
Grido My True King
MRAlyon My Boss
Mallos The Dark
BSR The Lost

~The Phoenix Of Mt. Kelle'Tha~
~Fang Archbane~