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Hush the Giant




Player ID: 104866
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : -307
Energetic immunity : -558
Trade sense : -246
Briskness : -395
Initiative : -194
Defence : -219
Attack : -908
Power : -81
Luck : -70
Volition : 262
Herbalism : 0
Cartography : 13
Bobness : 6
Principle of Imagination = 960
Element Principle = 175
Time Principle = 1580
Principle of Balance = 942
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Battle stats
Won: 3256 | Lost: 3256
Honor: 2676
MindPower: 5

Defenders of Bob
(Established Housings)
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %

and so I am called Intrigue...

Speak not of that which you cannot comprehend, for the burden of One determines the weight of them All...


(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Painting by Luis Royo

 I stand barely 5 foot even, and weigh maybe 80 lbs soaking wet...

Is it truly Fate, an unseen hand that sways our destiny...
Is it the work of the Gods of old?
Or something more powerful and completely unknown to the conscious mind?
Does Fate create the illusion seen in your mind's eye of all that is around you,  molding your behavior and reactions to lead you down the path that you must take?
Sheltering you from the realities of what is, allowing you the opportunity to withstand the tests of time when, under other circumstances, one would falter?

Does she have the face of a kind elderly woman, a gentle hand, a welcoming smile that causes you to postpone your actions only for a second, that causes a necessary delay that ripples the strands of time?
Or is he a cruel old man, forcing your hand and taking you down a path you would have otherwise passed by, giving you only enough time to learn the lessons he requires you to learn before forcing you on and completely altering the events which would have otherwise sealed your destiny?

I hold the answers to none of these, and though I have replayed my memories time and again, searching them ever so carefully for that one detail that eludes my grasp.

Laughter... I remember laughter... And singing. Merry voices and bright brilliant colors... The harvest bon fire... The full moon...

And the screams...

Some of my creatures
Elemental V Water Daimon III Majestic Winderwild Goliath Chaos Archer Knator War Master Master Sharptear Revolted Skill Vampire Angien Sentinel Imperial Aramor Assassin Rustgold Combat Drachorn
Three Trials On the Path of Loneliness....
Brave soul, I know why you have come to me. You have heard tell that I can offer you a quest. One of grand adventure. One that entails travel to new and distant lands, the slaying of horrendous beasts, the chance to match your wit against one of the most evil of captors of all time to win the opportunity to save a maiden/sir fair. And if you return victorious in these endeavors…

You have heard you will be showered with riches beyond your imagination!!!

Well, it’s sort of right. Maybe there’s not really a grand adventure involved. Or any slaying of horrendous beasts. Or any beasts at all. No slaying at all really. There won’t be any rescuing either, so at least you won’t have to carry anyone back across horrible terrain, impassable tracts of desert, scale temperamental mountains, or try to sail the most dangerous of seas. Honestly though, from what I’ve heard, maiden’s/sir’s fair are really quite irritable during long dangerous trips. So, hey, at least this will be easy in comparison to dealing with a month’s worth of nagging about camel breath and the leftover meat from yesterday’s lizards you found in your “fresh” catch-of-the-day stew. However, there really will be a reward. Maybe it’s not quite “beyond your imagination” material, but... if you succeed in passing my three trials, it won’t be in vain.

Message me to begin!

Hate is a strong word...
I do my best to hate none, so instead, this will be a collection of other random things!


A use for my bottle of fire ( I can't decide on one!)

Unlimited flowers

A set of markers (rp item)

A worn old leatherbound book (rp item)

I've noticed many a thing while I've traveled the lands of MD, here are a few, and the questions that arose. If you have any input on any of them, or if any of them are spoilers, please PM me!

Giant books make up Lore Manor... did these belong to the same giant whose armor makes up the Aramory?

Why can I not train "swimming" as a skill? Are there monsters in all the waters of MD? It would be so much easier to swim across some parts of the realm instead of walking the long way around ;)

why is paper cabin not made of paper or mda makes of books but lore manor is?

Are there lands to the north of LoreRoot? If not, then what feeds the river under mistletoe bridge. Where does it go or start?

who or what is beneath the willow at willow's walk? A man? A shade? Something else?

Why are there paving stones on the path from weaponsmith to old man's road?

Why is there a reflection in the puddle at PoL and in the puddle at the alter in GG, but no reflections anywhere else?

Why is there an angien at necro gates, and is that the reason why only half of the gate works?

Why does well of fortune have no bottom (leads to the underground)?

what is the water fairy? and why doesn't it attack the boat?

Why is the aramory made of ginormous armor?

Was the Giant armor at the aramory made by the weaponsmith?

What walks this realm that could have worn such enormous armor?

What's in the field behind the house on Heresy Lane?

Why is there a hole in the wall around Necrovion near the house of dust? (visable on map)

What if the little men in the drach cave aren't really tiny... they're life size, and the drach is REALLY big? yikes.

Completed bezerkers, MP3,4, & 5

Defeated Willows guards, MP3, 4, & 5

Defeated Lore Guards, MP4 & 5

Found exit of Labyrinth within set time frame, MP5

Completed Spell Quests.. Logan Marquis, Zleiphneir, Lashtal

Has done work for the game in concern of keeping players in the game, player improvement suggestions, new feature suggestions, RPC and PWR nominations, organizing MD chats, moderating these chats, and bringing the community closer via yahoo and msn messenger.

::.Good players who have helped with the improvement suggestions and RPC/PWR nominations.::

(In no order)

Players(Including PWRs):

Logan Marquis, Amoran, Tarquinus, Cryxus, Ailith, Dark Priestess, Kalamanira Kol, Keith Moon, MRD, Innocence, Firsanthalas, Meru-chi, Pamplemousse, Silver Renard, Intrigue, Zleiphneir, Kragel, Kamate, Shady Jester, Awiiya, Phoenyckz, Jesuisoeufsfous, MRWander, Marvolo, Yami no Sakura, Sandra Kilen


Muratus del Mur, Akasha, Shoeps, Gargant, Glordamar, Jonn, Khalazdad, Raven, SmartAlekRj, Metal Bunny

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Awarded for Funniest Female Slave Spring Auction 2009


In my satchel, I carry a great many things, some of which I have brought with me into this place, as well as many others I have aquired during my travels here.

A small black box, containing a small black orb which reacts to my touch by lighting, and displaying within itself a rose with petals of gold.

The hilt of a dagger, its steel end broken, wrapped within a blood soaked cloth, a gift of reconsiliation and a symbol of peace from one who's inner turmoil seemingly equals my own.

Between the pages of an old and tattered book is a blossom from the Tree.

A note in big bold print: Learn to Play TOMATO!

Also a single red rose tied with a note via a small purple ribbon. The note reads:
"I wish I could help you see that I really am over Amoran...
But since I can't, I figured I would help you maybe see how I feel about you...
Here's a single rose. Whose beauty is only increased when I'm drunk on whiskey.,

A sketch by one of my adepts, it is of a humanoid figure and an angelic figure, the meaning of which is still undetermined.

A wooden ear, gifted by Cryxus whilest he was.. in need of a body

Upon one page is a poem given by one who will not be forgotten

A fire burns in my heart for you
Everyday it grows bigger and brighter
A fire glows in my heart
Its warmth heals my soul
its light clears the darkness that may fall upon me
My heart beats for you

Lastly, I also have aquired a bottle of fire.. liquid fire to be exact. Although the true strength of this "concoction" is still unknown to me, my fondness for my wooden friends prevents me from opening it.

The war is waged within

I must steady this levee that sustains me;
that separates my rational thoughts
from the raging inner voices of my deep dread.

A lifetime of fear, grown of doubt
seeps through the confusion in this ever-weakening sanctuary
that plays guard to my conscience.

This heedful restraint surrounds my emotions
and protects my shame,
as a mother protects her young from thoughtless sin.

For if one brick should fall, then I too might
crumble beneath the jagged weight
of this abounding wall.

Without my limitations to defend me,
to caution me,
I would surely falter
and give in to the deafening cries of my conscious
and inevitably,
the death of my Self.

title and author unknown

Page 331 - The Inner Sun - Bo.
The path before him is broken and cracked, thick with dust and devoid of life. The sky is dark and the silence is eerie and disturbing. The silence is shattered by a soul- wrenching scream from somewhere nearby. Bootes picks up his pace, “The sooner I get this done…” He finally arrives at the entrance to the dark house and hesitates. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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