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Master of Observable Reality
The eye of time cannot be cut. Fire and wind can find me not. LongShadow lives neither here nor there, now nor then, but all in between. --In Work -- Brainstorming rough draft of profile My path is to become a scholarly master of observable physical and social reality. Knowledge and intuition are intertwined and bent with imagination and fundamental knowledge to alter perception and thus arrive at a new solution. Resulting personality can come across as abrasive, sarcastic, humorous, creative, or overly intellectual. Every situation is an opportunity to learn and challenge a reality. A student of people as much as science, his \"experiments\" in social situations often go beyond the societal norms.. Free and open in his approach to acquiring knowledge, disciplined and systematic in his process and documentation.

Page 466 - The Traveler
"Master, I've never seen you in such bad shape... are you alright, Majesty?" The Sentinels voice sounds faded and comes from many directions "I feel. ..I feel strange, we ..we can not remember...we can not remember." The soldier looks powerlessly at the two entities and understands nothing about what is going on. Suddenly he notices a small white cube on the ground next to the now almost invisible creature. "Master, look, a cube? could it be that....MASTER, where are you?!?" ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
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