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Nguyen N Hoa




Neno Veliki
Player ID: 133549
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 3786
Luck : 715
Energetic immunity : 4488
Trade sense : 3266
Briskness : 3484
Initiative : 2815
Defence : 24591
Attack : 29912
Power : 2203
Experimentalism : 14
Herbalism : 21
*excavation : 15
Finesse : 7
Volition : 738
Cartography : 21
Waterhandling : 0
Dowsing : 5
Woodcutting : 0
Mining : 35
Gardening : 0
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Element Principle = 4000
Transposition Principle = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Light = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 4000
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Battle stats
Won: 25316 | Lost: 25882
Honor: 4824
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance

.:Wish list:.
Slow and painful death to all enemies of Necrovion

.:Role: Avatar Manager:.
If you drew an avatar or item art and want to upload it to be used in game it goes through us first

  Name: Neno Veliki

  Gender: male    Age: unknown

  Race: human

  Weapon/armor: flail, heavy armor

  Homeland: unknown

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

  Affiliated to: Necrovion

  Current occupation/s:waiting

  Short description: seemingly unreal occult figure usually orbed with dark mist and followed by cold breeze of discomfort

  Story: The Sun did not move. Not even one bit, it was pinned into the sky last few hours, making hell from the battlefield. 
The fighting was nowhere near end, and Neno knew, when end comes, it would come with defeat.
It was the great honor to die upon the field of steel with name of his land on his lips, and her love in his heart. An honor his brother get to know all to well. Neno was a child back then, when warriors brought his dying brother home, his guardian, his eyes through which he gazed on the whole world… He looked like he had a bloodbath, perhaps he did. They said he slew many that day, but Neno didn’t care. He wanted his brother to be alive, not hero to his people, dead hero.
On the eve of his death Neno was summoned to watch him die. The land of Crovion was proud land, and its people were its true sons, and its prince will not die alone, for it is not the way of the warrior, to die in silence, but in thunderous clash of souls around him. Nenos brother lifts his hand, and father pushes Neno toward him. Eyes of his brother were smiling, he pointed to the great sword that lied on his chest. “Take it” eyes said, “take it, and i will always be with you, my brother…” Tears in Neno`s eyes blurred the smile of his brother and only one more thought crossed Neno`s mind, last thought of his brother while he touched his salty cheek-“No”… brothers wish for no tears were almost granted, from outside, as Neno lifted heavy sword above him. The crowd cheered behind, clashing their steel, shouting Crovion`s battlecry. But no one knew, no one saw the betraying tears of love that falling down the Nenos face, and into cold marble under him, that would later become his very soul…
“My lord”.. voice of his lieutenants brought him back into reality. “The enemy is preparing to launch one last attack, this valley leaves us no options but to meet them head on.. my lord, their numbers are 5 on 1, what should we do?” Neno had a dream, after his brother died, it showed him a man who killed his brother, and after so many years, face of that man continue to haunt him, taunt him… While time slowly washed away the face of his brother, taking him away from memory, but never from heart. Face of his nemesis remained painfully vivid, more real than the pain itself. “Prepare for combat” was all Neno said. Lieutenants saluted and step out of the tent. Neno took a deep breath, the Thirst, great sword of his brother, was light like a feather now in his hands, his armor felted the same, Neno changed much from the night his brother died, looking his face into steel of the sword he wondered how he managed to remain the same more than ever before… He stepped out, under the watching Sun, and stood in front of his warriors. He loved his land much, but he loved his brother more. And, somehow, pain inside him spoke from the very bottom of his soul, where little boy still cry for his brother. “Not for our land and justice, not for honor and glory, for our fallen brothers, for REVENGE!” His wrath were contagious, it spread like fire among his men, and just like that fire, they charged their enemy. Neno did not feel anything, not weight of steel, swings of his sword, nothing… There was only a man that looked like him, and arms that sow death. Thirst come to life in his hands. Somewhere in battlefield, his true enemy was waiting for him. It was like a dance, lower swing then deep breath, lifting Thirst up, then expiration while thundering it down, leaving a trail of bloody mist behind. Turn of his body followed by sword, up and right motion followed by screams, rushing forward then trusting his blade into someone`s body followed by death… And then he saw him. Their eyes met, and for a moment the world stood still in which his nemesis was aware of who came for him. They rushed toward each other. Exchanging devastating blows, fueled by unsurpassed hate and thirst for revenge Neno was transformed into potent engine of destruction, while his enemy was inspired by no less than the will to stay alive. In amidst of chaos, two arrows pierced their way through Neno`s armor, bringing smile on face his enemy. Little that he knew, it was that smile which ignited the spark in Neno`s soul, and demise of his owner. With last of his strength, Neno charged his enemy who pierced his blade through Neno`s body, but Neno didn’t mind. He smiled, after so many years, at the sound that Thirst made while flying through the chest of his enemy. “Big brother sends his regards” he whispered, while the life was fleeing the body his enemy. Neno fell after it, as battlecry of Crovion were all around him, that is the way how warrior dies. But destiny had other thoughts about “death”. Neno`s spirit was above the ground, seeing how his men were taking the victory of their lives, when he saw a strange cube shaped glow and spirit of his enemy fleeing inside. “No..” was the thought that explode in Neno`s mind, his enemy to escape his fate.. He rushed into the glow himself, following his nemesis… The world on the other side was waiting for him. And while he used Thirst in previous life, in this one he has become one with it. Nothing more than vengeance itself, and nothing less than the undying passion that makes air around it cold, and people around it awed. He is somewhere around here, his nemesis, and he will find him, and throw him where he truly belongs, into very place where Neno lived, in hell. Strange shadows approached Neno, bowing slightly in his presence, whispering “welcome home”… The Sun did not move…


Nothing to see here.. a sketchbook with mostly black inked pages that cut through your mind. As you look at them, they look straight back at you.



I forged myself a ring of rare materials from the dark mines of Necrovion. The ring has a sorcery thrown at it.


(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
Some of my creatures
Elemental V BloodPact Chaos Archer Madhorn Tamed Reindrach Rustgold Madhorn Angien Doppelganger Baby Dragon II Wind Dragon III


.:Sacrifice rewards:.

lvl2 tree with 23 wins gives 1 def stat and 800 permanent ve (needs 3 days for lvl2)
lvl2 bird gives 167 permanent vp
lvl3 bird gives 250 permanent vp (and 1 fenth) no wins or xp needed for upgrade

.:Training tips:.

double click charge button to skip loading of creature battle screen

be sure to always have more losses than wins. that way ull be able to train in a fast lane and wont have to worry about minus honor.

around 28k damage done with max heat will give u max gain in almost every relevant stat.

make a ritual with non damage crits and build a 100 wins combo on it. that way ull be able to lose heat fast and avoid capping.

.:Notes to self:.

dont undermine your negotiation position by destroying what you claim

to be attacked a lot isnt a sign of weakness but a sign of being a thorn in the eye of many

There are worlds different than this one, but one thing is the same in each one of them.. THE WAR

1st rule: fight like a mad man
2nd rule: expect the unexpected
3rd rule: forgive but never forget
4th rule: don't be overconfident (by Pipstickz)
5th rule: be patient (by Pipstickz)
6th rule: shift like the winds (by Granos)
7th rule: protect the damsels (by Windy)
8th rule: don't forget to bring a towel (by Granos)
9th rule: never lose serenity (by Jaime)
10th rule: shit happens
11th rule: don't depend on anyone but yourself (by Yoshi)
12th rule: if someone wants you to move up in MP, don't unless you feel your fully ready (by Yoshi)
13th rule: dont forget your brain (by february)
14th rule: know your enemies (by Mr Mystery)
15th rule: dont worry, be happy (by TheBomb)
16th rule: take life in strides, because eventualy you will die, fight, live and learn, and maybe you'll survive (by tigerguardian)
17th rule: if you cant be the sun, dont be the cloud (by Yuhea Yuan)
18th rule: don't care for the rules (by Fateless Gerard)
19th rule: Don't piss off Windy (by... Windy, ofcourse XD)
20th rule: when u win, u win. and when u lose, u win too
21st rule: Winning is glory... Losing is knowledge (by IBRUZU)
22nd rule: Only the power can open the path of the conqueror (by Tipu)
23rd rule: Simplicity is complexity (by The great pashweetie)
24th rule: nothing comes for free
25th rule: help yourself (by sparring grounds)
26th rule: luck runs you out. sooner or later.
27th rule: dont get mad, get even.
28th rule: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. (by Faith and Mercy)
29th rule: ---> insert your rule here <---

If u have any suggestions for the rules, feel free to pm me

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Page 336 - The Inner Sun - Noo.
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