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Player ID: 201398
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Regeneration : 89
Energetic immunity : 107
Trade sense : 27
Briskness : 90
Initiative : 38
Defence : 189
Attack : 364
Power : 95
Luck : 35
Herbalism : 2
Royal Guard
Principle of Balance = 940
Principle of Cyclicity = 1685
Time Principle = 1262
Principle of Imagination = 939
Element Principle = 992
Wondering Wanderer, Poet and Gardener
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Battle stats
Won: 667 | Lost: 1451
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Who am I?
I wish for the continued growth and development of the MagicDuel Community Garden at the Meeting of the Roads.

I am your friend and ally.
I am simple.
I am alive.
I am creative.
I am colorful.
I am nature working.
I am mostly bacteria.
I am mostly water.
I am mostly empty space.
I am earthen clay and heavenly spirit.
I am stardust.
I am condensed light.
I am a reflection of you.
I am that I am.

All of my earliest memories are of life on the mountain.  I remember quite vividly the garden in the meadow, the wild goats, the sea, my mother.

My mother came up to the mountain from the forest a long time ago.  I never really asked her why she came, and she never talked about it.  We lived simply.  All of our needs were met with cultivation in the garden and foraging the wild around us.

Our isolation was a great blessing and perhaps a great difficulty.  I spent my time observing and examining the living world around me.  The flows and patterns of nature defined my experience.  I appreciated the living world with all my heart and longed for community with all my soul.  Apart from my mother, my strongest relationships were forged with my allies, the mountain goats.

I was not so different from the mountain goats.  I was a solitary figure ambling across the mountainside.  I didn't seek anything in particular and I was always happy to find some bit of fun or something tasty to eat.  From time to time, I would simply follow a mountain goat, allowing myself to be led in any direction.  This often resulted in my approaching the boundaries of our safe haven.

We were pretty well hidden on the mountainside, in our little meadow among the rocks.  I was free to wander as I pleased.  I learned  the boundaries of the safe haven from my mother before my earliest memories.  I often wondered what lay beyond the safe haven and my curiosity was always quenched by some new discovery of nature within my small world.  As the outside world expanded outward into the unfamiliar unknown, my world expanded inward equally into a familiar unknown.

My mother often told me stories of the forest and I longed to know it.  We often sat, the two of us, on large stones at the cliff's edge, overlooking the sea and listening to the waves crashing below.  I knew that her forest was across the sea on the far land, visible in the distance.  As we sat together observing the sea, I would sometimes notice soft tears streaming silently down her face.

Something had drawn my mother to live on the mountain, and raise me in solitude.  She was loving and very kind, a stable rock, unmoving in the wind.  She disappeared one night when I was a boy and I experienced a most intense fear, crying myself to sleep.  When I spoke with her in the morning, she deflected my questions and managed to set my mind at ease.  When I had the same experience as a teenager, I was not so easily deterred.  She would still not tell me anything specific.  I learned that she had a lover.  I felt intense conflicting emotions and slowly began to consider my isolation more and more.

One summer, as I neared adulthood, in the year after the drought, my mother seemed to lose her baseline.  The parts of the garden she tended became overgrown and I often found her out on the stone at the cliffside, crying.  She talked frequently about the forest and I could tell she longed to leave the mountain.  Something happened and she was just a shell of the woman I had always known.  Her turmoil threw my own life into turmoil as well.  I found myself following the mountain goats to the ridge at the boundary of the safe haven regularly and I often considered pursuing them over the top.

One day, I did just that.  Over the top of the ridge, it was not long before I ran into trouble.  I don't really remember what happened on that day.  I seem to have purged the memories from my mind.  I remember crossing the ridge and walking a short distance through some thick trees before finding myself bursting out of the thicket, right in the middle of a road.  I turned to find a tall man staring right into my eyes.  I fell backward, startled, and hit my head on a rock at the edge of the road.  I have no memory of any other events from that time.  My earliest memory since that day is waking from a deep sleep on the floor of the Paper Cabin.  I do not know the fate of my mother.

Some of my creatures
Pheonix Jack-in-the-Box Loki Verity The Confessed Grace Raphael Legolas Amy Bjorn Thorondor

Become like clear water
Relax the whole body so it can react instantly without resistance, without thought.

Water can take any form.  It drifts without effort one moment, then pounds down in a torrent the very next.

Page 300 - The Inner Sun - Iam.
"Hello? anybody here?" Bored by boredom itself, he has to face total solitude in a dark corner of the archives, somewhere forgotten by all, with no one to hear his annoying talk. "No one is here to listen to me, i will go insane, no, this cant be true!" He starts running on the corridors like a mad man, but in the darkness there seems to be no door, no stairs, no way of exiting that place. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
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