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Sehanine Moonbow
Player ID: 233880
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Regeneration : 41
Energetic immunity : 63
Trade sense : 20
Briskness : 56
Initiative : 36
Defence : 156
Attack : 329
Power : 73
Luck : 17
Herbalism : 0
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Principle of Cyclicity = 429
Darkness Principle = 30
Element Principle = 288
Principle of Imagination = 2013
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Battle stats
Won: 485 | Lost: 1059
Honor: 5692
MindPower: 4
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Hello traveler. If you are reading this, then I am guessing Sehanine caught your attention and you wish to know more of her. I hope the following story matches your expectations.


Sehanine Moonbow is a pale skinned girl in her mid twenties. Her long black hair that hide most of her face and blue eyes, fall gracefully on her shoulders like a shawl and reach down to her waist but can’t be seen as she usually wears her hood to hide from the sunlight. Around her neck lies a dream catcher necklace with a moon stone in the middle. Her waist is surrounded by a black leathered belt that supports her daggers, one on each side, and a bag of belonging that has the ability to contain everything she has or gather through her journeys.

She seems a pleasant person to have around; her smile rarely erases from her face and enjoys the company of others. She is eager to meet new people and absorves rather quickly any kind of knowledge passed to her.

She can’t remember much of her past before she woke up in the Paper Cabin. Her homeland was a place where night ruled hence why she cannot get used to the constant light this realm has. There the moon was her Goddess, her Mother, her friend, the source that gave her the power to control dreams and illusions. As expected, her powers are of no use here. Her two daggers are the only trusted ally she has from her falling here; she will never hesitate to use them to defend herself at all times.

Sehanine's purpose is to find where the Moon is hidden in this realm.



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Page 72 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.
After inspecting all the pyramids she found out that each one contains an empty paper that looks like a page of some large notebook..or something similar. She now has 6 pages, but not a single clue what they are or where to find the Book of Principles. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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