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Swordsman Yondaime




Soul Guardian Zeroen
Player ID: 81677
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Regeneration : 10
Energetic immunity : 6
Trade sense : 7
Briskness : 15
Initiative : 3
Defence : 9
Attack : 21
Power : 4
Luck : 2
Royal Guard
Time Principle = 32
Element Principle = 38
Principle of Light = 35
Principle of Balance = 33
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Battle stats
Won: 139 | Lost: 144
Honor: 1708
MindPower: 4
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A Tale Untold of many Dreams...


                                   My name is Zero.   I was born upon another world, one that was attacked long ago by beings known as the Dark Ones.  They wanted me because I was the 1st and only being to be born completly merged with my soul.  My parents were not going to let them take me so after a long battle my mother  sent me elsewhere still on my homeworld but the Dark Ones did not know that.  I grew up eventually discovered my true power and went back to where I was born, found my true mom and dad, discovered I had a younger sister and brother, and that I was prince of the Windlore Kingdom.  However, my father said, "I am not his father" and DEATH sent me through a portal that shattered/ separated my soul and sent the pieces across many worlds. So now my true father does not accept me and I must repair my soul - kept that part short for werewolfer-

                                    Kun Zero (Prince Zero) is my name, but not my true name to find my true name I must collect all 100 pieces of Ki' Orbis (My Soul).  Sadly I have 1000 different worlds to choose from and a limited time upon each world to obtain my soul piece or something to help me find them and each soul piece requires me to meet a certain standard before it reveals itself to me.  I have 7 gathered the 1st never actually left-this 1st soul piece is known as Aros (Existence)- the 2nd 2 were contained within but separated from the 1st- they are both the 2nd and 3rd soul pieces Shadilis ect Shido ( Shadow and Shine)- to obtain them I had to enter Aros.  After entering I was tested and trained ,by ki' orbis, for 10 years until ki' orbis felt I was ready to gather what I allowed myself to lose. -only 10 seconds passed outside of ki' orbis- I returned with the ability to obtain the remaining pieces of ki' orbis, however, I can not completly merge with ki' orbis until I have collected every piece.  Aros made a scar on my left hand that allows me to place collected souls there absorb and then reform the soul piece into something that will be connected yet separate from myself.  Aros is the armor that covers my body, Shadilis and Shido are 2 of the three blades I carry at all times and the four other soul pieces are attached to Aros in the form of large teardrop shaped crystals.  If I want to hide any of this I just absorb them into myself making it seem as though I have nothing.- 4th soul piece Beoi (Joy), 5th soul piece Herata (Sorrow), 6th Soul Piece Grando (Anger), Lurxa (Control)-

                         I am now searching in the world of Magic Duel searching for a piece of my soul (ki' orbis) but was unable to find the piece in time which means I slowly start to die, now I am forced to use a special orb known as P... tsch almost gave the name away... anyway this orb allows me to enter ki' orbis where I can heal and part of the time I need is restored.  However this will not help if I can not figure out how to obtain the 8th piece of my soul.




                                          Many have told me to tell my story, but my response has always been \"What story?\". I have no story I simply have a past, a present, and a future just like many others. However I have finally realized that I do have a story to tell. For many years I felt alone and unable to truly tell others the way I felt. I could not reveal to them how I truly saw the world not even my closest of frieands not even my family. I could not tell them of my constant dreams in which I was a completley different person whether I was awake or asleep. I had to always dream I was somwhere else on some kind of wonderous adventure saving meeting all kinds of wonderous beings. No matter what world I was on or what I was; I was always a wonderer exploring every bit of every world, for I was their creator. I had so much fun but the only problem was noone else was there to share the dreams with me. No matter what it always came down to me being the all alone dreaming with my crazy imagination. I could not openly reveal myself for when ever I simply hinted at my dreams others would barge in and say \"Thats just crazy and weird go ahead and keep dreaming\" and so I did. Only I dreamt to myself fearful of sharing my dreams with anyone else. I would dream that I was the greatest warrior of all time, that I was untouchable by death, that I am a all knowing god, that I was a hero yet a villian as well, that I was a soul guardian. Sadly I was not any of these I was simply a dreamer,and still am, but still I do not stop with the dreams. I instead make them greater. I create new worlds, new friends, new lovers, new battles each far more exciting than the last. ever changing and ever lasting. I can still remember the dreams I had from my years as a little boy and even more vividly the joy the dreams brought and all the ones since. All my dreams were, are, and will forever be worth dreaming. For the longest time though I would always seek a place I could truly let go with out fear of being denied the greatness of my own dreams to be shunned for wanting to create things that made me feel better. Many years passed and I found nothing that would suffice until one day I stumbled upon a world unlike any other a world so great it literaly blew my mind, in a dreamy kind of way. This is why I love the Magic Duel World and all its inhabitants so much because they like me are dreamers who can take on the role of a being they created and enter a world full of every thing needed to make the greatest dream possible. That is why although I entered this world wishing to be known as Soul Guardian Zeroen; I now wish to be know simply as Dreamer. This is my wish... no my greatest dream to become a wanderer of the Magic Duel World as a person who found his home among many others; a person who is a simple Dreamer.




Some of my creatures
Elemental IV Dark Archer III Hollow Soul Healer Grasan II

To Hate or Not is a Choice for all to Make
I no longer have a reason to hate. I simply wish to dream...

Page 111 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. Alc.
"Good day!" the old man speaks "My name is Alche, well its not exactly my name but its pronounced better that way ... i am a traveler from the Archive Lands and i mean no harm to you, may i know your name?". Akasha a bit bored by this introduction and thinking about things tells him her name. "OHH, realy..you are indeed Akasha? the one that tried to get the Book out of the pyramids fire? I was searchign exactly for you! i come from far away in the search of the great knowledge of Golemus Golemicarum, rumored to be written in that Book, and i heard about you at the Gazeebo of gravitational sound and i hoped you could share your knowledge with me about that Book " Akasha looks a bit frightened at him and thinks "Who is this fool man that thinks i will tell him about MY book of principles...he wants to steal it for sure.." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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