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Player ID: 197614
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 6701
Luck : 1096
Energetic immunity : 8053
Trade sense : 5641
Briskness : 6643
Initiative : 4418
Defence : 10753
Attack : 19096
Power : 1789
Experimentalism : 12
Herbalism : 56
Woodcutting : 51
Finesse : 26
Filtering : 15
Waterhandling : 102
Volition : 2360
Cartography : 32
Gardening : 16
*excavation : 7
Mining : 21
*taming : 1
Royal Guard
Element Principle = 4000
Principle of Balance = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
Darkness Principle = 4000
Military mercenary unit on a mission in Tribunal Lands for Knator Commander. Currently KC and its units are not serving any land.
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 4925 | Lost: 4925
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5

Seal of Six
(Lands Of The East)
The oneness of your housing is at 10 %

helpfull pyromaniak


1) knator merc guard be made as an illusion
2) access to all scenes

3) independent passpapers to each land
4) at least 1 of each creature and each resource
5) Obsidian Athame

A long time ago an explosion took place in the sun. A spark was shot out and flew around in space. Due to the explosion his composition had changed, it became something that was never seen before. It became “alive”. The spark had control over his body and forged himself a mind and conscience.


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In his travel through space he had seen a planet that he liked. A big blue ball with some brown on it. When it flew through the atmosphere the spark burned to ashes. From the ashes, it formed a body of a man.

he started wandering on this place he had arived. Untill suddenly he was ambushed by thugs, who were out for money. he carried no weapons nor anything else, in fact he was nude and only a rough shape of a man. the thugs soon saw that there was no gain from him so they tried to kill him.

in a reflex he swinged his fist at the first one and to his great surprise his fist was alight. the second thug was scared by this show of power, dropped his weapon and ran off, leaving his mate fate in the strange creature's hands.

as he didnt know any feelings, didnt have any consience nor morality, he killed the thug in cold blood. he took his clothes, formed his body some more like the shape of the man and began his wandering.

on his path he learned that with his powers he was stronger than many a man, so soon he got gold power and a region of his own, but as for all powerhungry man that was not enough, no he wanted more.

he started to get an army of elementars, weak and empty headed beings, and started to attack his surrounding lands. 


(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

untill on one day, he finnaly was beaten. his conqueror took him as prisoner into his camp and  locked him up. for some reason, the campleader, when he noticed that the firethrower, as they called him, was untutored, he gathered a tutor and set him ath the firethrower's cell.

when the campleader finnaly thought that firethrower had learned enough to be set free, he opened the cell and let him out. from his earsdropping he also learned the other side of man, he had learned that not everything is what it seems, that was what triggered his suspicion. he tought they only did this so they could get acces to his powers but he would not give them that, never.

in his new freedom he walked trough the camp. when he noticed no one was following him, they probably thought that would help with keeping him here, he ran off. he could not stay in the place where he was imprissoned for so long.

so he began wandering the land. he changed his name and chose an other path. from now on he would use his powers to help others, this way he hoped to be able to undo all the things he did wrong.


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Though the tutor did the best he could, he could not destroy the powerhungry part. it remains in his body and tries to break free at every occasion. Do not make Sunfire mad or bad things can happen.

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learned aloth thanks to these great mentors (in order of appearance)

-Fyrd Argentus
-The Phoenix
-BFH Lighthing

  Hope, my loyal companion

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
Some of my creatures
Madhorn Tamed Reindrach Rustgold Madhorn Sarasith Lord Majestic Winderwild Unholy Pope Fallen Angien Chaos Archer BloodPact Chaos Archer Doppelganger

Ode to the creats of MD

When the dark priest arrives
With his army of souls
Even aramors run for their lives
Or by dark archers they fall

To the gate they march
The assault has begun.
There comes the first charge
Under a blood red sun.

The imperial guard takes its last stand
The wall is breached, defeat is near
But help arrives from forest lands
When they see the mad knators and bloodthirsty demons they tremble of fear

The fight was hard
Bodies cover the ground
But at last
Victory was found

By country law
It costs him his neck
They are gone for now
but they will come back


 Assault on Loreroot

Living in the peaceful land
in between the fields and trees
there you learn to understand
what the word peace means

This peace will end           
and very soon
darkness is gathering
under a fool moon

Cracking an gnarling
are heard in the woods
Loreroot my darling
that doesn’t sound good

The dark lord Hunger
takes his monsters to the tree line
and blesses his monsters
with his power dark and divine

There comes the first charge
of the attack
their surprise was great
when no one fought back

Then the trees moved
and blocked their path of retreat
in the tree roof
they heard knators go mad by the smell of fresh meat

They drop and kill
by biting in the neck
they run to the hills
but they never get back

At that time
a guerilla war has begun
until there was the sign
and to their master these minions did return

The siege took over a year
but no ground was won
Hunger showed the first signs of fear
this was no longer his idea of fun

He assembled his last men
who took off with him on this campaign
give us this unholy land
don’t let the others died in vain

In despair he ordered a full charge
there was the drumming sound of a thousand feet
the fight was cruel and the situation was harsh
but at last there was the sign of retreat

If I can’t have this land, no one can
take the torches and burn this forest down
this crown was made for only one man
deliver our land from this cursed ground

They lit the torches and head to the woods
but they all fall down with an arrow in their chest
evil shall not find in here a place to root
only a place for its last rest

Hunger went mad by this defeat.
and storms to the woods with a monstrous cry
The end was complete
when he finally died

the peace returned at last
to the green land
they gave a great fest
so take your cups in your hands



Come take my hand
we are off to a land
where we can be
our fantasy

Just fall asleep
by counting sheep
walk over the rainbow
to the dreamland below

The sandman is on his way
so that we can stay
and do all the adventures we want
in this marvelous dreamland



A soldier’s fate.

Here I am
standing proud
surrounded by brothers in arms

no one speaks it
in silence we all say goodbye
we know many shall not return

there is the sign
my battalion marches
onward the foul beings

a few minutes later
the troops meet
and the battle begins

the order disappears
small fights begin all over the line
there comes my first victim

our swords meet
with a pure note
the battle has begun

a quick sweep
evaded quickly
and reach out again

the sword eats the flesh
a fountain of blood appears
the body falls to the ground

my fight is not done
as my next contestant arrives
 the battle continues

I march on
to breach the enemy line
up to victory

I can only hope
someone is watching my back
and is supporting my fall out

I get cut of the rest of the troops
my situation  is hopeless
I fight my best to take as many as I can with me

I finally fall
with a grin on my face
with three other bodies around me

After the battle
no one will ever know me
nor know what I did

This is the soldier’s fate

 The Mercenaries

We fight and we slash
but only for your cash
we kill we slay
but only if you pay

Only loyal to one
a higher bid makes our contract undone
we do not believe in gods, they are lame
we only believe in richness and fame

Show us the money
and we will protect your honey
pay us the gold
and our swords are sold

Pay the bill
or we are in for the kill



 The deserter

Is there any honor
in killing all the man
in pillaging all the cities
in taking all the women
in forcing the children on their knees

Is there any honor
in burning all the buildings
in slaughtering all the beasts
in taking all your things
in throwing a victory feast

I think there is none
this is why I flee
take care, my son
I will never join the army



circle of fire


everything starts with a spark

just a little light in the dark

then it grows into a flame

beautiful and steady, worthy of a name

later on it turns into a fire

with a mind, fears and desires

but eventually all turns into ash
a life so warm, over in a flash

to maintain peace
be prepaired for war

everything is politics

I swear to serve the best I can
offering wisdom to all who seek it
helping those who need it
regardless of age, mindpower or land

Altho i am no longer a protector
i still provide my help to anyone who asks

Page 158 - The Shades Ballance - Me.
With Wodin taking a break, Metal Bunny has discovered that those who fight against the shades have concocted a plan to destroy Khalazdad. Overhearing whispered conversations, he hears a follower of light proclaim that ".nowhere but Necrovion is safe for him now." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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