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Player ID: 67765
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Regeneration : 9
Energetic immunity : 8
Trade sense : 5
Briskness : 11
Initiative : 4
Defence : 34
Attack : 41
Power : 23
Luck : 1
Darkness Principle = 22
Principle of Imagination = 46
Principle of Cyclicity = 69
Transposition Principle = 57
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Battle stats
Won: 263 | Lost: 286
Honor: 3799
MindPower: 4
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Matron in Training
*I humbly request the title \"Matron in Training\" until I complete my studies and can claim full blown matron status. These creatures, they lack a true bond with their master...me. I know that in my mind I could form a superior being that would truly have a bond with me, after being fashioned out of the fabric of my imagination. It would be a piece of my soul, I would understand its very nature, and it would serve me most loyally for all its days. Because it would be a piece of my soul, my theory is that it would harm me at my core if he were to fall deathly ill in battle, but that is the sacrifice I must make to attain this true master/creature bond. If I succeed in my quest, maybe I could spread te knowledge to the select few that are worthy of a true bond with their servants. ******Journal on my way to birthing a creature****** Entry 1 On the road to discovery certain facts stand out about the nature of our creatures. Time is a very important part in fostering a creature/master relationship. Time will be a principle worth studying. Transposition will help, I suppose, in understanding the very nature of my beast in the 4th dimension, but I want to expand that study to the actual passing of time where the relationship between us will exist, not just my perception of him in all his various stages. I feel that I will have to carry this creature as a child and literally birth it from the seeds of my mind into reality, due to the nature of the relationship I seek with the \"object\" in question. It is not as simple as the creation of a stone (a feat I can not accomplish either) for a stone does not live. I can imbue the stone with a story, so that others who delve may perceive a list of places the stone has been picked up and dropped at, but that is not a life. A creature will live and breath, and thereby will most likely need to be fostered and raised. So instead of creating the creature at an adult stage, I must start with an egg, even if I know from my studies of transposition how that egg will develop. To truly bind the creature to my soul, I want this egg to grow inside me like a child, not cold and separate like the elementals. I want to nurse the child from the teat of my own vitality so that when he is mature, Entry 2 The sacrificial alter at Fenth\'s press makes me weep with tears of blood. So much pain here, so much suffering, though I feel I may learn something from the stats that each strore bought creatures imbues me with. Maybe I could use one of these blasphemous alters to help me. Somehow I feel that if I make a large enough sacrifice I could benefit in my quest. Or maybe this place reeks too much with the screams of murdered creatures, if it makes my heart so heavy, how would a creature birthed here feel?---->theory, maybe a creature birthed in a place of blood and sacrifice will begin to crave the blood of the store bought creatures, making the child terrifying to behold by one of those empty souls. Hmmmm... Some creatures I may be able to learn from: Elemental who learns to suck life as he grows slowly over time. Imperial Aranor takes a lot of additional trainging to grow, there i a mysterious egg that requires much of my own health to purchase, he might be special as well. Entry 3 By now I have sacrificed quite a few creatures. I have made some observations on this practice and its benefits, and how they relate to creatures. The Aranor yields monetary, or physical rewards. The Aranor is also a very physical creature, whose body is made up of various metals, depending on the life stage. The do add some mental rewards, but I attribute this to the feeble amount of soul it takes to give life to one of these creatures. The Hollow soul\'s, on the other hand, are much more ethereal. To sacrifice one of these creatures is to reap the rewards of life and mind powers. It gives a significant increase to two principles, cyclicity and transposition. this may be simply becuase those ar emy chosen principles, I may have to ask around what benefits others reap from the death of the hollow soul breed of creature. Entry 4 This i a dangerous world I am considering giving birth in. I can not step outside of a sanctuary without being mercilessly attacked and my babies are suffering, as is my balance. I must find creatures that can provide a good defense, so that when I do have the child I seek, I can waylay my fear by knowing there are those who will lay down there lives to protect it. Entry 5, I have recently met an interesting character named Yami no Sakura. This person loved to share stories and legends about this world. Though I came to the story session a bit to late, I was still able to coax some information through discussion, and this is what I was told. courtesy of Yami no Sakura \"Origin of Creatures It\'s a difficult subject to explain, but I\'ll try. The creatures that fight for us are, in a sense, a part of ourselves. They are like our skils; the archers, fighters, and healers within us. Thus, they are bound to us. That vitality slider is just a more visual and physical representation of this bond. As we learn about the world around us and face its challenges, we use the skills we have, honing them until we become stronger still. So, the answers your questions about the birth of these creatures and why they align themselves with us: the creatures are a part of us. They are born when we discover that hidden part of ourselves, and they grow when we do.\" If they are a part of us, then my quest is less fruitless than I had thought!
Some of my creatures
Elemental IV Grasan Huvourer Elemental V

Riddles...in a world full of them I am a lost forward thinking mind, but I must twist my thoughts around all these forsaken riddles. My poor babies will suffer for my lack of riddle sense, but I must persevere or there will be no babies. Store bought creatures do not have the spark that I crave, they do not look to me with love, and their loyalty is shoddy unless I beat it out of them. Places where the ground runs red wit the blood of children.

Page 67 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.
In his eyes, Necrovion is now burning in flames with no creatures left in it what so ever. One fo the many illusions Necrovion can create in the mind of those that get lost in it. Simplizero approuches the Howling Gates and looks one more time behind him ..."now , i finished with you, i shall go and destroy the source of this all ... .the Golemus wizard....you will pay for ignoring me." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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