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Player ID: 78680
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Regeneration : 10
Energetic immunity : 8
Trade sense : 6
Briskness : 13
Initiative : 4
Defence : 14
Attack : 21
Power : 8
Luck : 2
Sun God Armour
Principle of Imagination = 67
Darkness Principle = 40
Principle of Balance = 39
Principle of Light = 29
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Battle stats
Won: 125 | Lost: 125
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 4
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The First Seed of Chaos
This litle story was written with my special feather made of seabird. \"I am old like the trees but i am new as the seeds of eternity. I am everything and nothing, I have no age and all the ages. I am unique cause i was born from the roots of the eternity tree. I have no blood, but air in my vains. I am the result of the love of the south wind with the eternal tree. This union caused despair and terror in the gardens of MDA Lands. The union of this two elements was forbidden by the gods. Land and air cannot be together! It unbalanced the perfection... So, i was born, hidden from the gods and created by the sea. I was sent by the wind to the sea, and was raised there by Jorgoloni, the king of the seabirds... \" My memory is failing, i need to rest. I need a ale in ladys pub and a good night sleep. I can tell you more tomorrow, my dear friend. Ok my dear friend, ill tell you more.. but not about this story but what i suffered to tell you the secret of MDA Lands. One day, i entered in a strange pub. The owner was WindSpirit (incredibly gorgeous redhead, heart of hearts to Stormrunner),a brilliant chess player, that didnĀ“t like travellers like me.. I was annoyed cause of my uninstable behaviour. I flow like wind but i scream like the earth. Its like a drug, like Hortensia, the plant that gives wrong perception about people. Anyway, i needed to eat, cause i was starved and tired. I was coming from the south, from the civil war. I was a little bit crazy, i confess. And the pepper ale made me crazy. So, that day, i was beaten by SilverRenard and Necromancer Mort. That day i loose an eye. I was thrown away from the pub. I was left alone. But that day i learned how to behave. So, i entered again Wind&Rain Pub with my lost eye in my left hand.Everibody smiled to me and Necromancer fixed my eye with a spell from the deads. Since that day that i feel a strange power growing inside me, and i see strange shadows... I am the New Chef Of Wind & Rain Pub. Im looking for the book of Master Jororo, the master in magical food. This book has dishes that improve wisdow. Now im trying to develop a menu with snails and special herbs that make u dream about your future...
Some of my creatures
Dark Archer III Grasan II Hollow Warrior

Page 212 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.,Sa.
Khalazdad is just starting to stand once more when he spies SageWoman on the horizon. He has spoken with her before, and it would appear as though she is returning for another chat. These encounters always take a great deal out of Khalazdad, but he simply must endure! ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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