How it all began? Maybe by birth.

It was really hot and dry spring. Awfully hot and dry. Even in the goblin caves was not nice, cold air, how inhabitants of those were used to.And one day, to this terrible weather, Vizziny was borned. Maybe it is the reason, why he really loves cold places, even more than others of his kind.
When shamman Thirdeye saw him for the first time, he was very pleased, as Vizz had mark of Sratcher, the good goblin god, on his shoulder. For all the times, it is a sign, that the child will be shamman. Thirdeye was old and tired, so he felt happy, that his succesor is finaly here.

Maybe now is the right time to tell you, who Sratcher, or Scratchie, how he is familiarly called by some, is.
There are two-three gods of greenskins in the world Vizz is originaly from. GorkaMork, the two-one gods of carnage and massacre, usually worshiped by orcs and trolls. Only good offering for them is blood, bloody meat, carnage, suffering, death and other funny things. They are not really nice bunch, for a god, that can not decide, if he is not they...
On the other side, there is Scratchie. The prankster. The fighter. The joker. He is the good god, but in his own twisted way. He loves to watch his followers to fight, to bleed, to train, so they are able to defeat stronger and stronger opponents. But after a good fight, he will not let his follower bleed to death, fascinated by it, but will heal him. Maybe, if the fight was really good.
Scratchie wants you to fight, to show something interesting. GorkaMork wants to see insides outside. Two-one is not funny at all... GorkaMork thinks, that good joke is, when head splitted in two by an axe makes a funny sound...

Well, back to Vizz. As a normal green goblin child, he had a lot of siblings. And even tho he was (and still is) really small even for his kind, he was strong willed fighter, who never backed down. His bones were broken for his stone rock head many, many times, but hey! He enjoyed the fights and so did his god. As he grew a bit bigger, Thirdeye taught him basics of shammanism and cookie baking. You can say that cookies are not what you would expect of shamman to teach his disciple, but Scratchie loves sweets. And goblins too, as they are mostly his people.

Everyone knows, that if something is really nice, bad times are comming. And they came, when Vizz turned twelve. It is not much, as goblins are living for more than a century, if they are not killed.
Humans, elves and other smoothskins began war against greenskins. No one knows why, the few burned villages, stolen animals and women, knight-killing for fun, ... no, that can not be the reason....
Vizz was near one of the fierciest battles, when mages, priests, shammans and warlocks used their magics. You can guess, what happened. No spell casted, hit the oponent, but they morphed into some kind of vortex that sucked nearly everyone around in. Only thanks to Scratcher, Vizz was not killed by it. Instead, he found himself in No ones land, near Paper cabin.
Scratchie is weak here, but still reachable. And so big adventure of Vizzie began. Be kind to him and he will do anything for you. Cookie for example. Make him sad or angry and his group of monsterities, how he call cratures binded to his soul, will show you your insides. And it hurt a lot.