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Holy Archer
PennyWise Clown




Player ID: 83973
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Regeneration : 10
Energetic immunity : 18
Trade sense : 14
Briskness : 17
Initiative : 7
Defence : 42
Attack : 69
Power : 27
Luck : 7
Sun God Armour
Principle of Imagination = 92
Principle of Enthropy = 72
Time Principle = 145
Darkness Principle = 37
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Battle stats
Won: 280 | Lost: 340
Honor: 2638
MindPower: 4
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lost in the ramblings of a wandering warrior
ever since i was a kid i have always had the habit of climbing up to the top of the highest trees i never out grew that habit... but now a days...its not just trees forts, high walls, houses, buildings... you name it.. and chances are... ive done it all... i love the view from way up high its one of the rare places where i have always been at peace. i am a free spirit agile and quick ever curious and open to anything and more often than not in a cheerful mood yet this does not mean that i am easily tricked and can be abused for if and when my temper does flare up i am easily filled with rage and bloodlust... i am mercyfull and kind. i often offer help to those who request it and comfort to those who need it i cherish my friends most and would gladly do anything for them. i rarely talk about my family and usually avoid talks of such i try to forget my past and try to avoid thinking of the future.. what matters most to me is what is happening now i am spontaneous and passionate eager for battle but hesitant when it comes to battle of the heart my heart has been broken countless times and has ever since grown stronger i have always offered my love... and yet i still refuse to love myself... i cant sleep at night the sins of my past torment my dreams... -ledge, the prodigal son *~TO BE CONTINUED~*
Some of my creatures
Elemental V Chaos Archer Water Daimon II Dark Archer III Knator War Master Elite Lorerootian Archer Animated Tree III Full-grown Winderwild Elite Knator

Page 416 - The Inner Sun - Others
The entire realm stops to hold its breath and watch. The moon is radiant, dominating the black, star-speckled sky. The feeling of confusion and hesitation gives way to elation. At first there are soft laughs, which expand to cheers, but these soon give way to ecstatic voices, raising high into the air: Night has returned to the land of MagicDuel. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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