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Player ID: 246513
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Regeneration : 4
Energetic immunity : 25
Trade sense : 6
Briskness : 8
Initiative : -7
Defence : 16
Attack : 39
Power : 4
Luck : 1
Volition : 23
Silver Set
Principle of Imagination = 16
Darkness Principle = 42
Principle of Light = 26
Element Principle = 42
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Battle stats
Won: 166 | Lost: 423
Honor: 2064
MindPower: 4
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Welcome, Adventurer
(Adapted from different stories)

Call me Heolster, call me Genip,
call me Sceadu
It was 1815...I was sixteen and had fallen for a man named Royce - he was quite handsome and came from a good family. However, when he asked for my hand in marriage I refused. I wasn't yet ready for marriage; though many my age were already married off, I wanted to study in school before I had children to call my own. One night, rather late, I was walking home. Royce was on a side street with friends - he called to me and I could tell he was quite drunk. He grabbed me and he and his friends raped and beat me, leaving me for dead in the alley. In the early morning an old woman found me and took me in, letting me stay with her and heal. I couldn't face my parents, embarrassed of the man I had chosen, but still loving him after what he had done. When I healed, I drowned with anger and my heart ached for revenge.  

So I quenched the thirst.

I went after each of Royce's friends - all six of them - taunting and killing them one by one. I saved Royce for last so that he would know I was coming. He died a painful death.

After his death I fled, dying my hair from its blonde color to brown, then to red, and doing my best to change my appearance. Two years later I ran into the woman who had saved my life - she recognized me despite my changes. Moved by the murders I had committed, the woman reported me, unaware that the prison warden was Royce's brother. He threw me into prison without trial and kept my incarceration secret.

A month into my incarceration, the stone of the bottom of my cell shifted and caved, revealing a tunnel that held an old man. The man introduced himself as Faria, a retired priest and soldier who was thrown in this prison for keeping secrets of a lost treasure from the warden. He'd been digging a tunnel in an attempt of escaping our prison, and he asked me if I should like to help. I agreed, and we began the project. Over the course of three years Faria taught me mathematics, literature, philosophy, economics, combat, and military strategy while we dug away with small stone tools, wearing stone against stone, trying to escape that place. On a warm evening in 1820, we saw dirt and roots in the soil we dug through - a glimmer of hope. The tunnel began to cave in, mortally wounding Faria. I pulled him out of the tunnel, only suffering minor injuries myself. Faria pointed me towards a map of the treasure he was thrown in this place for with his last breaths, then his eyes were empty, fixed in a blank stare. I kissed his cheek and closed his eyes, acting quickly. I hid in the tunnel where I first saw Faria, waiting for meal time. When Faria's bowl did not appear for the guard to fill, he opened the door of his cell to find his dead body. The guard put the old man's body in a bag and left for some help. I quickly moved to the stone where Faria pointed and dug it out, recovering the parchment that lay underneath, tucking it into my shirt. I removed Faria's body from the bag and hid it in a tunnel, covering the tunnel's entrance once again. 

"Thank you, friend." 

I lied down in the bag, sealing it back up over my body. The guard came along with a second man, who I recognized as the warden through a hole in the bag, to retrieve my body, and I was carried off. My body was carried out to the cliffs over the sea to be tossed in, and my legs were wrapped in chains to anchor me down. I spotted the keys at the warden's waist and reached for them through the hole, dragging him into the sea with me as I was thrown into the water. With the keys I unlocked the chains and tore them off of my legs, swimming to the surface after the warden. I spotted him in the darkness and wrestled with him, eventually breaking his neck. 

I discarded my clothing, keeping the map, and swam. I swam and swam, finally passing out with exhaustion and dehydration. About noon the next day I woke on a sandy beach, the map still in my clutch. I opened it then looked up...

There was a paper cabin in the distance.

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
Some of my creatures
Skill Vampire Exfoliating Grasan

Page 427 - Tales of The Cube
"I would like to tell a story of my own, old man. Maybe you can advise me in my quest." Junior steps in front and sits down next to the man. "I once met a powerful being that taught me about respect and loyalty. The Commander lost its soldiers for a similar cube, and my mission is to find them. I did a lot of research since the quest for the Book of Principles, but some things simply don't fit together." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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