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Regeneration : 12
Energetic immunity : 16
Trade sense : 7
Briskness : 11
Initiative : 4
Defence : 21
Attack : 45
Power : 18
Luck : 4
Volition : 0
Transposition Principle = 461
Principle of Enthropy = 181
Principle of Cyclicity = 277
Principle of Balance = 40
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Won: 141 | Lost: 98
Honor: 2829
MindPower: 4
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The Smallest Archer

I am Sound. I am a DeadShot

      This is sound

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 Sound is a young boy (14),very innocent as well.Some how he lost his hearing.He dosent no how or why.But his stroy told through poems and through sounds if you care to listen.Sometimes he dosent speak right.And at other he can mimic sounds that he cant hear such as thunder or other peoples voices.His only ability is teleportaion(in the short sense anyways),and can "hear" people thoughts at times,and strangly he has a tail and pointy ears and I guess a bit on the furry side, and with that said hear is his story

PS-although he consider himself a trickster,i mean he does have a tail after all.Otherwsie the only thing else you should know is that he stands about 3  feet in this relm,otherwsie it sometimes seems he more reptilian,Sound is unable to control elements(yet)but has a deep connection with nature,including his inner elements



             We were driving along

                Me in the back,sis in the front

            Parents did drive

          Fog hung all around

        Then it happened

        Same time that glass cracked

      my world seemed shattered

everthing stopped

no it slowed

          No Memory exsited

except now i was bleedng

Some kid called the emengencys

   I looked around

     My Families all right

   Nothing broken

Nothing found

Except something was


   I dont know what

        or maby who

  Maby it was bad

Maby it was good

But one things for sure

something some where

was Shattered

                                                         ON AND ON

                                                 People say one can go on and on

                                                                  and on

                                                             What about

                                                       Depends on the person

                                              Im not sure what gets me going

                                                               on and on

                                               But when i do you should listen

                                          becuase maby You need to hear this

                                             Then again maby you dont

                                          Or maby its the other way around

                                                  Maby I need you

                                              But where were you

                                           when i need someone

                                                     to go

                                                  on and on


                                                                                                                   where am i

                                                                                                       where are you

                                                                                                  i am hear

                                                                                      you are there

                                                                              we are hear

                                                                   in the univese

                                                         in this place

                                   we all call home

            i dont know bout


                                 but no place my home

                                                          weather i be hear

                                                                              weather i be there

                                                                                                    i will be home

                                                                                                                  in this universal place


where am i

i am no where

or perhaps everywhere

one day hear

next day gone

no really notices

really cuz im not


long enough to see

but what if

what if

someone did see me

will i be there


will i be no where


onw day

when i was feeling


i wrote in the ground

for what Seemed like no reason

at all

I Am Sound

but perhaps there is a reason

And you just aint looking right

try looking back up

or back down

eather way

I Am Sound


Now that you know a little bit more about him,what exactly is he.Well Sound is a human basicly.But in other places he has been called a trickster,gate keeper and sevral otyhyer names.But he just calls himself a slider.Otherwsie sound also enjoys building things and pushing other things to the limit


This is my voice

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).





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Some of my creatures

---NOTE----I do not own any of the picture hear unless i state otherwsie

People I consider Family - Even if they dont know it, after all no famiy is perfect

William RedBeard - Brother

Pyro Manic - Uncle

Windy - Grandma

Z & Bob - the crazy cousins

Kiley - Sister

Azull - Bro

Mya Celestia - Cousin

SageWoman - Aunt


My Stuff

keeps a dagger close by just in case

A Good Quility Bow, arrows,arrow heads, shafts, sinnew

fingerless gloves-i can hold speacial things with them like fire and energy depending.I always wear em

wooden club

notebook and pencil

blank book-is his journal and monster book

sac holding treasure

sound amplifier made of gold-a present from windy,i have it hooked to me ear so i can hear


to create a book of monsters and anything else he deems worthy of his blank book

INSIDE PAGES OF THE BOOK-note,pics,info etc

entry 1

well as a start ill just say what one of my favorit creatures are,the gargoyle,i dont know why i just do

entry 2

nothing much new today,just hope to get more traning done

entry 3

This is  picture of me

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

The other day I got a good enocunter with kain.He came rght up to me as i was shaking.I cant belive i didnt soil me shorts.But he didnt hurt me at least

Entry 3

This is chedders one of 2 sea rats i have.He very nice,but gets out a alot causing mischeif

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Enry 5

Getting attacked isnt fun,it painful.Felipe was the last person I ever thought would attack me,and mya never crossed my mind to issue a threat.Guess that what i get for talking to much

Entry 6-I also have dark slime as a pet,what it can do i dont know

Entry 7-I have one of the best pets ever!!!A real life manticorn.Granted he tried to eat me,still he is nice

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

This guy is bigger then your average human standing about 8 feet,wih a wing span of bout 24 feet.He comes equiped with a tail that has poisnes quills

Entry ?-He now has the name Goldmane Darkclaw.He like it.He also accept me nicknaming him Freefall

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SmartAlekRJ looks at the library and thinks of all the interesting info he could find there, about Darachorns, the tiny people and their former rulers "....or were they rulers afterall?". He turns back to the great hall planning to speak to them one more time. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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