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Fang Archbane
Player ID: 214273
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 317
Energetic immunity : -40
Trade sense : 115
Briskness : 176
Initiative : 88
Defence : 1827
Attack : 2377
Power : 322
Luck : 23
Waterhandling : 37
Herbalism : 48
Volition : 690
Experimentalism : 24
Cartography : 37
Finesse : 72
Mining : 86
Woodcutting : 14
*excavation : 25
*taming : 3
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Darkness Principle = 4000
Time Principle = 2143
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
Principle of Balance = 1452
Principle of Light = 3763
Though he may appear small in stature, the shining appeal of this warriors own countenance blinds the enemies unworthy of his presence.
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 9917 | Lost: 9206
Honor: 1010
MindPower: 5

MR's Fraternity
(Golemus Golemicarum)
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %

~Fang Archbane "The Phoenix of Mt. Kelle'Tha"~
Fang is, at his Core, a Paradox. Everything that Is and Is Not about Fang, has an Equal and Opposite factor.

In the Past, he's known plenty of Pride and Regret. In his Future, he's destined to both Create and Destroy. For Today, he exists in the chosen Limbo just between Life and Death.

From the Outer In, simply another Fool who fell like Icarus when he got too close to the Sun. From the Inside Out, an eternal Flame that will always reach for the Skies and the Lands he believes to reside there.

For reasons both Complex and Simple, his choice Illusion involves appearing as a small phoenix and writing to the Wind in Lunar Silver letters. Even after Losing his Voice in his 7th attempted cross over to The Dead, he still Seeks to Solve all the Questions he has no Answers to, and to find all the Questions he has yet to Ask.

A Magician and an Illusionist, he's been known to seek those who seek Magic & Mystery in his Mission to build a Familia of 7 to aid him in reaching the Sky Lands.

A Golemian and an MR Fraternity member at Heart, he's currently Dead once again in an attempt to build a Lasting Physical Bond between his Homeland and Necrovion.

Hes either Insane or Revolutionary, and he's never too sure Himself which he falls Under. Call out to Fang if you're ever in Need, just don't be Surprised when The Phoenix returns your Call.
Some of my creatures
Elemental V The Confessed Unholy Pope Angien Water Daimon III Reanimated Roots Majestic Winderwild BloodPact Dark Archer III Hollow Warrior Revolted Skill Vampire

~Familia De Caelum~
I seek those who Seek the very Heavens themselves. Those who are not afraid to Lift the Veil from what we've All come to accept as Reality. Those who aren't afraid to throw away all that they know for something Greater. Those who Thirst for Adventure and the true Meaning of freedom.

I myself am a Sky Holder, even if i do show Mist qualities more often than not. I bear the mark of the Sky on the uppermost of my back just between the shoulder blades, and just under that are two Wing tattoos, one white and one black. The color of my aura is Orange and I stand for Harmony. My Purpose in the Familia: "One that gives color to and envelops everything". Short description: Sky holders are exceedingly rare, and possibly some of the most powerful people in the world. The characteristic of harmony is said to maintain the balance between the other holders, and contains neither contradiction nor conflict. Unlike the rain holder, the sky holder does not extinguish other holders auras but instead calms them and limbos them if need be in a way such as momentary petrification of their aura, which is neither a form of conflict nor contradiction. The sky holder is able to utilize any type of aura, although not as effectively as those with that aura as their natural born gift.

I seek a Storm holder. Their aura is Red. Their characteristic is Degeneration, and their purpose is "As one with the wind; one that fiercely blows away everything that stands against them". Short description: Anything that touches storm auras begins to break down and corrode, even other auras. These auras are mainly offensive types.

Ive found my Rain holder, it is Josephine. Their aura is Blue. Their characteristic is Tranquility, and their purpose is "As one with the rain; one that washes away everything to begin anew". Short description: These auras weaken other auras and attacks such as illusions, rendering them almost completely ineffective. The stronger the aura, the weaker the adversaries' attacks become. 

I seek a Sun holder. Their aura is Yellow. Their characteristic is Activation, and their purpose is "As one with the sun; one that illuminates the sky". Short description: Sun auras initiate processes and speed them up at an incredible rate. Difficult to use offensively, the activation can be used effectively for healing purposes. These auras are mainly defensive types, but with enough training can be used to find a healthy balance between attack and defense.

Ive found my Lightning holder, it is Mallos. His aura is Green. His characteristic is Solidification, and his purpose is "As one with the lightning; one that harshly strikes everything. Able to shock even its allies back into reality if it's for their own good". Short description: These auras are the most solid auras and carry properties similar to electricity. They can be used as a shield against physical attacks and can create electrical weapons. 

I seek a Cloud holder. Their aura is Purple. Their characteristic is Propagation, and their purpose is "As one with the clouds; one that cannot be caught and goes its own way". Short description: Cloud auras and cloud aura-based weapons absorb other auras to grow in size, and can even cause phenomenal growth in human beings if their bodies are altered. The definition of unpredictable.

I seek a Mist holder. Their aura is Indigo. Their characteristic is Construction, and their purpose is "As one with the Mist, one that cannot be captured or held against it's own will". Short description: Mist auras are capable of generating illusions and constructing them into real, solid objects. Dedicated practitioners of Illusions and Magic, these holders are always finding new answers to all questions.

If you feel you fit into any of these categories and are interested in joining the Familia, please do not hesitate to come into contact with me. Well have quite a few extended talks, and see where it goes from there. Together, we will reshape MagicDuel into a world where grief and pain are but old myths that feel far out of place.

Page 316 - The Inner Sun - Bo.
Inspiration flashes in Bootes eyes and he slowly smiles. “Sand”, he says to the lions. The Lions eyes lose their fire and they are lifeless once again. Bootes hears a large crack and the lions begin to crumble. He reaches the entrance just in time and turns to see that huge chunks of stone and rubble now block the entrance forever. Bootes heaves a heavy sigh and walks into Sages Keep. Congratulations Burns for solving the quest so quickly! ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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