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Fire Starter
Player ID: 202147
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 653
Energetic immunity : 779
Trade sense : 453
Briskness : 637
Initiative : 449
Defence : 5121
Attack : 5194
Luck : 174
Power : 405
Experimentalism : 13
Herbalism : 17
Waterhandling : 14
*excavation : 18
Filtering : 12
Volition : 121
Finesse : 0
Cartography : 15
Sun God Armour
Silver Set
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Light = 4000
Transposition Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
Principle of Syntropy = 4000
Has learned the ability to grow and control his cloud. It learns from him and he learns from it. Theirs is an unusual bond like no other.
\r\nTrust Points: 6/6.\r\n
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Battle stats
Won: 17270 | Lost: 16947
Honor: 1594
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance

Fire Starter,

a Cloud Master, Death Guard

and official Avatar Manager.

One can see himself in many ways,
but the only one that matters is how others describe him.

Judge me by my deeds,
for Оne's words can be elusive.

We become humans only after we see things, not meant for human eyes.

My story shall begin with the land, where I came from.

I became a Fire Starter ages after I was born. 
 I am not one of a kind. The civilization I am part of has many millennia of history behind it. And yet it almost destroyed itself in one single conflict. 

 It all started while I was on my path, studying my senses and challenging the limits of my body and soul. Through meditation I have learned to feel the vibrations of near and distant objects, creatures and minds. I have learned to control my feelings and to give them physical expressions in the elements. Now I know that it was the place, which I choose for my path, part of my Destiny, which guided my soul into becoming a Fire Starter. It was a distant, isolated mountain, with less sun, lesser life and no steps of my kind was left on its paths until the day I entered there. A wild and harsh place, where I was either to evolve, or to be forgotten. 

 Throughout the many eons I used to study myself, the life I have parted with, has taken a brutal and miserable way. The wisdom and knowledge of the elders was rapidly being forgotten, and death and destruction was overwhelming the land. It was a disease, which overwhelmed the soul, not the body. 
 One day, while studying the movement of the clouds from a lone peak, I suddenly knew something is wrong. I was One with Mother Nature and felt an unknown Anger inside me that overcome my mind. Opening my eyes I discovered that the peak I was meditating on has melted from the bright fireball I have become. In a sudden need of balancing that anger, I have drawn the water molecules from the near clouds around me. This eased the anger and opened my mind for the new path I was about to choose. That day I marked as becoming a Cloud Master. Urgent need draw me to the knowledge of using the clouds as allies. I compressed the fog around me into a cloud under my feet and rushed towards the capital of my land. There I found out, that a little rebellion in a near land, has grown into a fearsome war, threatening the whole civilization. Through many years the leader of my people has tracked my mental development, and decided that I should be one of the commanders of our army, defending the peaceful land. There were numbers of specialized commanders like me. Every one of them had mastered one or few nature elements, and together we were able to inflict unspeakable horrors upon our enemies. 
 And so we entered the War. The enemy was numberless, coming to destroy everything we believed, studied and worked many eons for. I lost many friends in countless battle. But the enemy lost more. Throughout wise using ofwhat I and my fellow commanders have learned, we were able to overcome the attacks. After two decades of constant battles we joined forces with another country, which shared our believes. Becoming stronger we continued defeating the hordes, and after one century of hunting we destroyed every single ruler, who was seeking blood and wealth. 

 After all the fires were put out the remaining leaders joined in one world council, and started rebuilding what was destroyed. There were no boundaries, and no land was left to starve or degenerate. Wise men all over the realm joined and worked hard to spread the knowledge and assured that this One War will never be forgotten.
 I stayed and helped for few decades. But one day my fellow commanders gathered and we decided, that we should spread our experience and wisdom instead of going back to studying the inner working of elements in distant places, scattered throughout our world. We swore that non of what have experienced our people should ever be repeated, so we started our travels, each one in a different realm, in order to study other worlds and to doall that our powers permit us, to avoid such disasters. 

 And that's how my travel through this land begins. I search wisdom and try to give mine to whoever is in need. I constantly study this realm's lands, alliances and people. I bear in my heart much pain and grief from what I have experienced and I will try my best in order to prevent such a disaster from happening to this Realm. Of course, failing in my efforts could be part from my Path.

And in case you're wondering - yes, I have a name. But if you ask about it you won't receive an answer.

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Some of my creatures
Ponder Stibbons Dracolo I Azazyel Mr Jonathan Teatime Doppelganger Moist von Lipwig Vicios Raven Reindrach nobilis Nobby Nobbs Edward d'Eath Skill Vampire Ladislav Pelc

Hmm, let me see...
I shall turn this list into some papers about my trustworthy Cloud.

  1. Balance - since I have the Fire as my inner power I use Water to balance. Under the high pressure it became a mist, which I gathered below my feet to balance the heat. 
  2. Travel - I use my Cloud to travel across these lands, hovering above the ground in order to maintain silence and not disturb the creatures around.
  3. Luggage - Aside a water element, my Cloud is also a magical being. I use it to store Whatever I need Whenever I need it.
  4. Watering - Cloud was first used to water Bob, later in my countless travels I discovered a Rooted philosopher, called Awiiya, whose roots I started to water too. I dream for the day, when I will find the right time, place and tree to plant on my own, so others can water it too.
  5. Resting - It's good to have around a soft and warm cloud to lay on, after a long day of travelling, learning, talking and practising the ways of Battle and Balance. If You ever feel the need of such pillow or blanket, and of course I am around, don't hesitate to ask one from me. My Cloud will gladly help.
There, it's done!

(BTW, there IS something I really hate - reading minds. So, please, don't make me to.)

The usual information.
My defense will be 6 (six) Unholy Popes, unless stated otherwise.
Use it wisely, it rarely depletes.
I change it only if asked to do so, or being away from MDP.

Now, in the few short months of play I have learned a lot about this system. But don't expect me to give up my knowledge easily. The advice that I normally give states that "You should fight more to learn more". Experiment with rituals. Don't be afraid to loose few fights, tomorrow they will repay you.

If you plan to stay around then you must learn to read and understand the battle logs and creature's abilities. If there is something, that is not clear, come back to that certain ritual or creature and read it again.

This Document is almost USELESS.
Now I have no creatures suitable for battles.
This is a temporary state, just don't ask me what I understands as temporary.
You can continue reading below, but keep in mind that a part of this document isn't available now.

Page 131 - The Shade Ballance - Others
Bound to worship Angiens, The Seekers of Enlightment guild has formed under leadership of *chewett* and represents Marind's Bell. Out of the ruins of the old town there is nothing to defend or to fight for, nothing else but the hope itself that the town will be what it once was. Angiens have lived for so long in Marinds Town but in times of need they did not helped anyone, The seekers believe that they will discover the secrets of the Angiens and understand more about the world. They still represent their only hope and the most decisive advantage against the constant threat of the Shades. Angiens ar dualist creatures, too complex to be understood by any normal human, but understanding them better will unfold secrets about the other parts involved in this, most of all the all feared Shades. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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