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Player ID: 258984
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Volition : 17
Mining : 0
Woodcutting : 0
Herbalism : 0
Regeneration : 51
Luck : 0
Energetic immunity : 254
Trade sense : 0
Briskness : 1
Initiative : 0
Defence : 501
Attack : 5
Power : 0
Waterhandling : 0
*excavation : 0
Cartography : 7
Finesse : 0
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Won: 85 | Lost: 144
Honor: 4992
MindPower: 3
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                                                          Crazy, sassy, silly, Kitty

My name is HarleyQuinn.
I am a simple baker mainly I make pies.
I am of the Miqo'te race. Proud Kitty Woman!
My tail is long and fluffy & my ears twitch when my mood changes.
I was brought to an island before I made it to this beautiful land. 
All I remember is being in Eorzea making pies and cakes when a talking dog, named fang, came to me and then everything goes dark.
I believe he kittennapped me. I don't begrudge him just think it would have been nice to be asked.
Also, I was dumped on the island naked. If I ever find clothes I can sleep warmly at night. 
This is my story thus far.
Some of my creatures
Hollow Warrior

No hate just PIE

Page 237 - The Shade Ballance - Sm., Ren.
As SmartAlekRJ goes around creating the complete list of people he needs to attend this meeting he is now taking charge of, Renavoid stands at the doorway to the private room and slowly unlocks it to let in the people one at a time. As each one files in, he closes the door and bolts it behind them. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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