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Lord Pip




Player ID: 202332
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 7119
Energetic immunity : 8781
Trade sense : 4940
Briskness : 4920
Initiative : 3391
Defence : 8160
Attack : 11947
Power : 3723
Luck : 1064
Finesse : 34
*volition : 5662
*filtering : 10
*cartography : 31
Woodcutting : 106
*herbalism : 31
*fusioning : 39
*gardening : 8
*mining : 3
*taming : 3
Experimentalism : 0
Waterhandling : 1
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Element Principle = 4000
Principle of Syntropy = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
The queen of Loreroot rules over her land looking after the little saplings and tending to the mighty oaks.
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Battle stats
Won: 3459 | Lost: 3459
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5

Guardians of the Root
The oneness of your housing is at 2 %

Sometimes a fairy, sometimes a cat,
A dragon within, her golden wings flap.
Heart tied to the forest, yet wandering free
Sometimes chasing shadows, resting under a tree...

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Some of my creatures
Firedance Varda Lyra Kauris Rokas Ugnius Phrixus Baubas Raitelis GreyC

Too much drama

My friends fighting

When I have to fight my friends

Page 34 - Golemus Wizard quest - Om.
Well blended into the crowd The misterious assassin hears the news of BigC's survival... ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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