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Player ID: 253305
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 6244
Energetic immunity : 7143
Trade sense : 4861
Briskness : 5454
Initiative : 3728
Defence : 21091
Attack : 33345
Volition : 1093
Power : 1360
Luck : 985
Cartography : 36
Herbalism : 69
Waterhandling : 40
Finesse : 24
*excavation : 14
Dowsing : 109
Gardening : 29
Experimentalism : 16
Filtering : 15
Woodcutting : 18
Mining : 14
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Principle of Light = 4000
Element Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
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Battle stats
Won: 1599 | Lost: 1599
Honor: 4529
MindPower: 5

Shattered Illusions
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %


Race: Human or not idk anymore xD
Haicolor: brown
Eyecolor: brown
Heigth: 1.80m
Weight: 70kg

In this realm there are beings that are called grinder by common tongue, residents in this realm often try to run and hide, but sometimes some of them stand up to them and fight.

At some point i realised i had to become stronger if i wanted to survive, so i started to train.

First it was only training, i got srtonger little by little, to call it baby steps would be an exaggeration.

Time passed and i got better, i got used to battle, soon people started to call me "grinder", at first i was in shock and didnt want to listen to their words, but soon i realised that i had become what i despised.

Now i use my power for a good cause, I shall bring the Baconeers back to their ancient glory, i shall fight as "Knight of Bacon".

PS: Sometimes I fall back into this fighting rage, beware it could happen any time...


Some of my creatures
Madhorn Rustgold Madhorn Tamed Reindrach Angien Sentinel IV Doppelganger Hollow Warrior - 11th Annivers Hollow Warrior - 12th Annivers

1. personal independent resource splitting device

2.Spell to refill all resources in a scene

3. two more principles so i'm not MP 3/5 anymore

4.Subclasses or Jobs
especially smithing (improve wearable equipment) for example you take a low level sword break it into its ressources (steel, metal, etc.) and improve a newer sword with the material you get to increase the x% attack to x + dx % attack, to further improve an item the amount of ressources increases(so it isnt really easy to do so and actually needs "work") or you take the sword with +3% attack and the battle sword with +3% attack from willows shop and "forge" them to a new sword with x% of attack alchemy or similar to make some VE potions (out of herbs for example) cooking: tea and cake exist already we need more stuff especially pizza

BACON! and Baconeers!


(Use W A S D as control) collect the Bacon!




You want to know my secret? Enter the password to see it:


Brothers! For far too long we have suffered from the oppression of tea-makers and herb-munchers. Today we live in a hectic world that cannot distinguish left from right, top from bottom; a world thrown into the depths of chaos, where values no longer exist. But we, brothers, we unite!  We will bring back those lost values! We are here to put BACON back to it's rightful place! WE are here to bring BACON home!

Members of the Baconeers:

Ars Alchemy


Page 399 - The Inner Sun - Bo., Nel.
The dais is silent as the light flares again. “Have you found anything In that Tome?” Nelya tilts her head draping her hair across her face. She frowns as she brushes it away, “Bootes, you think there is a connection?” “Nelya, give me your Map,” he says with a slight smile. He begins to point out his observations. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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