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River OfSin




Player ID: 228421
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : -2205
Energetic immunity : -4237
Trade sense : -1853
Briskness : -2573
Initiative : -1967
Defence : -4139
Attack : -5647
Power : -1118
Luck : -513
*herbalism : 55
Finesse : 3
Woodcutting : 0
*volition : 1150
*cartography : 19
*mining : 1
Sun God Armour
Royal Guard
Principle of Imagination = 137
Transposition Principle = 2688
Element Principle = 1056
Darkness Principle = 1618
Time Principle = 204
Guards the shared tools available in 7_localpub_2. Makes sure nobody abuses them or sabotages their use.
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Battle stats
Won: 2618 | Lost: 3590
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5

(Lands Of The East)
The oneness of your housing is at 10 %

My Experiences

I like skill damage, feel free to use my defenses

Know the battlefield in advance and research your opposition.

Establish a plan of action and communicate it effectively to your allies.

Focus on your goals while evaluating the enemies goals and react accordingly.

Refrain from playing into the opposing strategy, find a weakness that will benefit you.

Exploit weaknesses while remaining wary, do not overextend yourself.

Be steadfast, deliberate, and hasty in all of your actions, while remaining organized.

Most of all, know yourself, your limits and the combined strength of your team.

Alone you might fail but together you will learn success

Some of my creatures
Kvothe AmberRune Seks Målløs Zyrxae Innocence Bob Tipu Goohd Granite Wolf Dst Koshu Farsight

målløs - speechless

Wishlist: For a tutorial shade and Wind Ward documents

Once upon a time there lived a small girl she lived in a small happy village and her cruel father owned a farm. Her mother and father were not happy together but Mallos didn't know.

One stormy night her father and mother had a big fight that's why her father kicked the mother out of the farm. Mallos burst into tears her mother gave her a silver key and told her "You will find me with this key." Mallos stopped crying and looked into her mothers eyes and that's when the word hope came to this world. Her mother had walked off but no one knew where.

The next morning Mallos was outside sleeping hoping her mother will return. Her father came outside and said "Get up you little rat." Mallos had no choice so she did and went to the house.
She was thinking of the key all day until night came.

As she was going to sleep she saw a door appear in front of her she decided to go in but it needed a key so she tried the one her mother gave to her. It opened and she saw heaven in the door and her mother smiling in front of the door that means her mother had died.
She decided to step inside but the door shut! And they lived happily in heaven and to this day no one has seen the young girl or her mother. And the silver key will be up in heaven forever.


"I can hear him. Can you? Listen, I swear, he's there, on the inner side of the wall...listening. I can hear his teeth. They sing like a power line, pitched to make your bones squeak. I wish he would just kill me. Kill them. No. The report lies, lies to the bone. He doesn't kill anyone, not really. They die later, die of wounds, or additions, or attentions, but no. He pulls them in to his box, and hurts them, then makes the maze. He cradled someone in barb wire, touching them while they tried to scream through a shredded tongue. He owns the rules there, he's god there, the all and one. What if it's here, too? Making all this just to torture it. Make a ant farm just to have targets for the magnifying glass. My molar fell out. It was black. I don't have it anymore.


Will you won't you. Won't you will? He is slow, because he has time. Endless time. The group unconscious, the fear of the lean, cruel and powerful...is he it, or the son of that feeling? You may outrun him, run around, run run runrunrunrun and it means no. he just keeps going, coming, watching, smiling. I hate this place. My home is gone, and I hate this, and I hate." - Dr. L.



Personified hatred set to be worshiped.

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Page 509 - Seeds Of The East
"Ok, so you attack that big thing.. over there, while Handy and I try to grab a piece of that floating stone over there." Lifeline stares in amazement at Liberty "Hold on, you mean, you want me to attack the big shade cloud over there? You must be joking?" Lib sighs "No..I am not, just DO IT, I know you have ways to do it. And, trust me, it's for a good cause , and you get to use that powerful army you told me about!" Lifeline pauses for one second and thinks. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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