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Player ID: 29677
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 911
Energetic immunity : 1194
Trade sense : 653
Briskness : 785
Initiative : 508
Defence : 2862
Attack : 3975
Power : 582
Luck : 225
Herbalism : 44
Filtering : 20
Volition : 974
Finesse : 60
Cartography : 38
*excavation : 30
Waterhandling : 10
*taming : 1
Mining : 15
Experimentalism : 1
Woodcutting : 8
Gardening : 1
Royal Guard
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Demon Set
Silver Set
Sun God Armour
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
Principle of Light = 4000
Darkness Principle = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
He guarded the hoards of gold like a dragon to its nest
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 5365 | Lost: 5608
Honor: 4850
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Wish list:
-Tag "Freelancer" with description "Lances freely according to his whims"
-Tag "Feral Queen of the East" with description TBD and (if possible) citizenship to LotE only while I wear that tag in the primary slot (ie. toggle-albe citizenship as one of my rulership tools, though if that's impossible I might try to use current existing kingship tools to achieve the desired effect)
-Access to Borderview Tower Interior
-Access to The Underside
-sendtoborderview spell with 8 regenerable casts
-The spell simplyzero had (related to water)
-Mind Power 7/5
-Tag "Tainted" that I had previously to be reinstated
-Aramor species limit of 6, rather than 4, to parade my babies
-Anniversary Aramors
-Another jail tour
-Four crowns
-Better stats
-Better understanding
-Cool story bro

The Plur

The Great and Mighty Plur is the easternmost building on the map. The Plur's influence is spread all over at any given time, through it's Omnipresence, which is felt by anybody who really and truly believes in The Plur. As for those who do not truly believe, they are wrong. They are Misbelievers, and they can not feel the Omnipresence. This is why The Plur forgives all Misbelievers. They punish themselves by not accepting the Omnipresence. If you are close enough to the Plur, you can perhaps reach into The Omnipresence, and pull something out.

"It is a SHADE!!" All scream in panic and hide behind Khalazdad. "We come in peace!" sais Khalazdad a bit unsure on his words. "Peace..hahhahaa..that will be your doom, human, you need WAR to survive, peace with the shades will only make you more...faded". confused by what the shade said, Khal tries to find out more and als learn more about the shades.

Boil 'em, mash 'em

 People that made fries for me:
Silver Renard (Bunch o' times) - Bag of fries!
Necromancer Mortis
*perrobotillo* - UNLIMITED FRIES!
MRD and his ego Fred
Lady Isolda
Sandra Klien
Mya Celestia

The significance of the Potato

    While to some, a potato may seem like quite a random topic, but it is surely not. The potato is, in fact, a relative to the tomato, and also a plant known as "Atropa Belladonna", also known as: Deadly Nightshade. The same Nightshade that is so coveted by the Shades that they will supposedly kill anybody who handles the plant. Considering that the Shades make their home in Inner Necrovion, and all of the "blood of the land", or Liquid Dust, flows into Inner Necrovion, then that makes the Shades quite important, does it not? It is because of this, that I believe that the Shades are formed of the Liquid Dust so that it can protect itself, and that Necrovion is the shell that surrounds the veins of the land, and so the Shades protect Necrovion. If the Shades are so protective of Nightshade that they seek to murder because of it, then because of that relation, the potato must also be important to them. If indeed the Shades are of the blood of the land, then the potato, and the tomato, must both be at least of interest to them.

I don't claim any of this to be true, I'm not sure I really want to know whether it is or not.

The Tribunal is split into four parts: The first section I will call the Tribunal, even if only a little. The second I will call "Unity", because it seems focused on joining culture (many offices for writing and the piano) with market and industry (the hotel and tea market). The third I will call "Recluse", because is has very few buildings compared to the rest of the Tribunal, and one of them is the Drywater Temple where, if people DID live there, they probably wouldn't live socially. The fourth part is, perhaps, the Dominion of Mur.

From it, you can see a tower in the distance, in more places than one. Perhaps it is the building in the Dominion. The buildings in the area are all bunched together (with a couple exceptions, including the two temples, one near the entrance and one at the end) around a bar, perhaps indicating that it would be where people would live (probably lower-income). The transition into Unity is the stairs down after the temple.

There is more variety in the buildings here than anywhere else in the Tribunal. Offices, an inn, a mansion, a tea market and a restaurant. It also has a small garden-like area. From the diversity of locations, I can infer that this is the business area. The transition into Recluse is the stairs up to Knatty's Cabin.

There are only three buildings here that I can see; Knatty's Cabin, the Drywater Temple and the wooden home out there. This area particularly reminds me of the House of Liquid Dust, not because of the Liquid Dust itself, but the house itself. The transition into the Dominion is, obviously, the Gate.

Dominion of Mur
I don't know much about this area, but what does catch my interest is the mountainous terrain, because there is a tunnel running through it and tunnels hide secrets. Of course, it could just go straight through to the building at the end, I don't know.

Why four areas? Balance, visual clues, guesswork, and each section was released one by one. Of course, I could just be assigning meaning where it isn't due, but I believe there is a reason they were released as they were and not all at once, and that this is, if not the reason entirely, a part of it.

A counterpart to Liquid Dust, made evident by its name, the existence of drywater makes me wonder if Liquid Dust is part of a four-part balance as the main lands are. From what I know, Shades are not agreeable to water or heat, which wouldn't make sense in a four part balance if Shades are made completely from Liquid Dust.
Consider what would happen if Necrovion and Golemus joined together to create a single land: The imbalance created by this action would need to be rectified by Marind Bell and Loreroot joining in the same manner, or by forcing Necro and GG to split. In the same fashion, if Shades are a combination of Liquid Dust and the last part of this balance system, Drywater, then the other parts would seek to and naturally be able to split them.

Only one problem I can think of; also evident by their names, Liquid Dust and Drywater would seemingly only cancel each other out, if they were in balance with each other. This leads to the assumption that the scales are tipped so that they are not in balance, and actually operate as a sort of hierarchy, with Liquid Dust only being above Drywater, which has a very limited presence by itself, if any. This means that if the Shades themselves are opposite us, then we would be result of a hierarchy where Drywater is on top, and feeds off of heat and water. In fact, perhaps we and all other "real" creatures are part of a balance system that is determined by the amount of imbalance in a system of these substances.
Some of my creatures
Rustgold Madhorn Pimped Grasan Madhorn Chaos Archer Master Sharptear Wind Dragon III Angien Sentinel III Master Lorerootian Archer Angien Sentinel IV Doppelganger Mr LooksDownHisNose

Manifest Destiny
"And the leader of the four armies wielded an instrument of death so powerful, that it was said a few people died when they touched the silvery-blue blade, the same blade on which the curse that changed so many realms was written in symbols long forgotten."
The curse stated that all whoever use the sword in any human purpose, will be cursed to destroy and to suffer a death led by their worst fear.

I will continue to use The Deathbringer until I receive my rightful Crown.


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Page 137 - The Shade Ballance - Ome.
In the bright light of day, the Master Assassin cuts a deal right before everyone’s eyes. With so many people passing by, who could possibly notice such a nonchalant agreement taking place? Grinning masochistically at the leather pouch of coins in his hand, the Master Assassin vanishes to await the call of his Contractor. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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