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Player ID: 254385
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
*volition : 196
Regeneration : 91
Energetic immunity : 168
Trade sense : 66
Briskness : 76
Initiative : 64
Defence : 266
Attack : 439
Power : 37
Luck : 52
*cartography : 18
*herbalism : 7
*excavation : 6
Finesse : 7
Experimentalism : 2
*gardening : 0
Woodcutting : 4
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Principle of Imagination = 29
Time Principle = 39
Transposition Principle = 1995
Principle of Balance = 29
Element Principle = 771
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 1017 | Lost: 1654
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Wideberth awoke in this strange place
Bereft of tea and fairy cakes
Despite his weakness, growth each day he seeks
Free credits and voting everyday completes
Some of my creatures
Fuzzy Life Thing Tony Bliar Sweet Little Sheila Blink Sentinel III Grizzly Prodder Doppelganger We Are Not Amused Father Jack Robin Could Imperial Aramor Assassin You laughing at me? Knotty Problem IV

Over exagerated expressions of emotion

Well, generally it helps if everyone sits down and has a nice cup of tea, a biscuit, or cake, an da bit of a natter about things.

Page 409 - The Inner Sun - Am., Kal.
Kalamanira looks into Amoran’s eyes and smiles sadly. “You know that is no longer true. We each sought healing. You found it in the Oak Fort of Loreroot and I took it from the Accursed Growth in Necrovion. We were connected, yes, but we have each been healed by the land to which we bound ourselves.” Amoran stands, considering her words. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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