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Player ID: 17096
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 3922
Energetic immunity : 4772
Trade sense : 2884
Briskness : 3292
Initiative : 2042
Defence : 11829
Attack : 13373
Luck : 697
Power : 1417
Herbalism : 26
Waterhandling : 27
Filtering : 26
Woodcutting : 60
*excavation : 148
Experimentalism : 25
Finesse : 28
Gardening : 20
Dowsing : 16
Volition : 543
Cartography : 21
*taming : 7
Mining : 105
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Silver Set
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
Principle of Syntropy = 4000
I know what you did last summer.
\r\nTrust Points 8/8.
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 9513 | Lost: 9513
Honor: 4988
MindPower: 5

Shattered Illusions
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %

Chaos, panic, pandemonium - my work here has just started!

My wishes list:

Wishes (random order): 
-Independent Rainbow Candy Boxy
-Independent Pickles Jar
-Independent Shovel
-Independent Skull Collector
-Kill item
-Revival item

-5 regenerable casts of Send to Lighthouse spell
-5 regenerable casts of Send to Fountain of the Lost Path
-5 regenerable casts Petrify
-5 regenerable casts of each of the weather spells starting with the rain ones

      My decalogue:

  1. My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right. 
  2. My only flaw is that I'm perfect. 
  3. Don't believe that sort of rubbish, unless you hear it from me 
  4. I'm so great I'm jealous of myself 
  5. Everyone is entitled to my opinion.  
  6. Save time... see it my way. 
  7. There are two ways to look at things: Either my way or the wrong way.
  8. It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose.  
  9. I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.   
  10. I am a self-made woman and worship my creator.
Some of my creatures
powerful left hand Tamed Reindrach lucky left foot Angien Sentinel IV right pinky Elemental V Dark IV Majestic Winderwild Water Daimon III Unholy Pope

                 Military ways and beliefs aka Divide and Conquere

I will not use this to explain/teach strategies. I will use it to brag. I noted down some of my achievements in MD throughout the 2 3 years I have been playing. There are still some things I consider achievements but that I haven't posted them here due
to the fact that some might see them as pure maliciousness. You will not see things like how to solved the berseker's puzzle or defeated loreroot guards. Those are unique things that I have done. Enjoy! :D

-I was the first one to make HC a team contest (back in June and July 2008 
when with the help of No one and Venger-who was a real player on those
immemorial times- won HC. I won in June, No one won in July and Venger was on the second place in July).
-Invented the "fat baby" ritual - a ritual based on a single deadly
creature: a single grasan. It was one of the strongest rituals (and it still is) for a really long time (until another creature came along).
-With the help of Venger (who discovered a method to decrease player xp
when they reached cap) and sacophilez (one of the smartest players MD ever had) perfected the well-known method of getting rid of xp without losing of VP and getting the maximum out of it.
-Improved "fat baby" ritual: now it had freeze ability (I will not tell
how it was created - the veterans already know and the newcomers don't need the info - since this is not possible anymore using the same mechanism - it was a bug).
-Togheter with No one we took over 4 of the most important alliances:
Loreroot, GG, Sentinels and MR'Frat If you want to know more read the announcements and this topic:
-No one came with the idea of the "ghost ritual" and I applied it - only 3
more players found out how to replicate it. It is still the closest to
perfection ritual.
-Me and No one were the first to receive the silver and then gold mechanics medals
-I played with tons of bugs. I will name only few of them (maybe the most spectacular of them)the 4 bilion ap bug, energy burst without having the necessary amount of wins, attack offline players, read what alliances were writing in chat (:P I bet few of you knew about this one), read what was written in every scene as long as I had the coordinates of the location, attack mp6 players when there was no attack button, attack while in dream (and do other stuff while I was there).
-Won Villain of the year (2008) and Techie of the year (2008).
-Got my own guild: Shattered Illusions. This is the first and for now only ally/guild located in the Underground.
-Won Best Fighter and Best Quester 2009
-Destroyed the DS alliance.
-Made it on the staff page :P (http://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=staff)
-I was the first to complete all 6 released Achievements
-Won Elite Evil Villain, Most Addicted and Adventuring Trophy in 2010

Page 207 - A Freezing Firestarter
Sadly, phrog gets no reaction out of his drachorn. "Must be feeling as ill as myself..." He continues wandering and finally drops to his knees by the Gates of Ages. Freezing, he slowly loses consciousness. The whole time he is muttering in his sleep, "please light...please light..." ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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