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Player ID: 254296
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Volition : 467
Regeneration : 171
Energetic immunity : 282
Trade sense : 116
Briskness : 134
Initiative : 64
Defence : 650
Attack : 656
Power : 229
Luck : 44
Cartography : 24
Finesse : 9
Gardening : 8
Waterhandling : 7
Herbalism : 1
Experimentalism : 1
Mining : 0
Bobness : 6
Royal Guard
Transposition Principle = 2215
Principle of Balance = 743
Principle of Cyclicity = 1551
Principle of Light = 1611
Darkness Principle = 1
Guards the shared tools available in 1_4x2_1. Makes sure nobody abuses them or sabotages their use.
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Battle stats
Won: 1290 | Lost: 1970
Honor: 3397
MindPower: 5

Defenders of Bob
(Established Housings)
The oneness of your housing is at 20 %

Image may be subject to copyright
(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Spirit of the Madman

Day 103, Year 12 -- in honor of MD's birthday.

he was tempted to keep on walking
or maybe he actually did
and sank down into the road
that silences life and death

and further into the fiery earth
where the spirits draw their peace
where they don’t care for names
where fact is just a disease

lungs drinking thirsty the dust
keeping path, he ignores his distrust
and perceives neither comfort nor wrath

seeing only silence
feeling it master his form
following only his path
awaiting only his birth

passing through time that isn’t time
at a crossroads that is endless


Passage of War

Week of Day 119, Year 11

It's sad to see you this way
the soul's image turned astray
and only a hidden back, only a piece of cloth to see.

It's hard to forget the truth
when it runs, fearful, away
when instead of accepting what's worth
I see you turn to the darkness and flee

I see it's not really you...
so I know it's not really me.
we are not gods.

In the end all wars must end
with one victory, no defeat
as the bomb-shrapnels outward bent
at infinity surely must meet

But this thing, this mortality
this death, this war in my heart...

I don't understand, I don't see
Nor smell infinity coming this way
I don't taste the sweet truth in the air
rushing blood blinds me today

Here I stand, forgetting my face
I stand guard, though you show me no grace
At the edge of the cliff that you made
Poised to jump into the shade


I am klawdees!

I am a story!  A story has a search, a map, and a path.  

My map's not very good, and so my path doesn't really say much about my search...but that's OK!  If I can get a better map, maybe I'll be a better story.  But I am klawdees. :)

Are you a story?    Do you have a search, a map, and a path?  What are they?  You don't have to share, of course ;)

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).


Some stuff I've done:

--I got myself a garden gnome!

--Day 354 Year 10: Bob bloomed, for me specifically apparently.  That was alarming.

--Got a Rustgold.  (OOC: This hatchling looks...high.  Really high.)

--Drove the Rustgold Drachorn Mad(horn).  His name is Blackfire.

--Got into loreroot as an mp4 (defeated loreroot guards) without using the berserker's device.

--Convinced a Heretic to take off his disguise.  His name is Goralia.

--Day 139, Year 11 (at about 320 active days) finally got the Above Money achievement.  With a maximum value points of close to 100,000 it was *about time*... :)

--Assisted No One in achieving his experimental goal (100 experimentalism) over the course of many months.

Some important notes:

I don't really know how old I am.  When I was younger, I didn't have time, so I didn't really understand such things.  I have memories; the earliest comes from approximately the one-hundred-and-fiftieth day of the tenth year, by the count of the Realm.  I don't know how reliable those memories are, and my player doesn't tell me about anything before that, unless it becomes important for my search. 

I have a poem from him about some of the things he wants me to teach him.  The last couplet is new.

A secret makes old hearts lurch:
That to research is also to search.

A secret makes false minds true:
That to learn is to learn anew.

There is no advantage in age
but to turn to the ever-fresh page

and that page's singular charm:
to be sung with a voice that is warm.

Some of my creatures
BlackHeart Gibor, the Sincere Builder of Courage The Relentless Heart Gift Goralia, Living Void Rouser of Waters The Faithful Fiend Bright-Eyed Sniper Teacher of Flaws Reanimated Roots Full-grown Winderwild

If you want, under the roots is the hate list :)

Wish list:

0.  Access the "Into the Darkness" clue at the east foundation view ;)

1. Visit the Path Keeper
(OOC:  Spell acquired, just waiting for a chance to use it...thanks santa!)

2. Find a better map!


3. Tea supply sufficient to increase my regeneration timer to at least 120 years.

4. Angiens with gold tear  Thanks to the King of Marind Bell.


5. Ascend through the top of the Wind's Sanctuary.

6. Knowledge of the village by Wind's Sanctuary.

7. Knowledge of the place beyond that village.

(based on a conversation with Assira the Black)


8. Rain spell.

9. Creatures with doublefreeze.

10. Premium loreroot creature: elemental egg.

11. Access to the scene under the tree at Sage's Path.  I can make myself small...;)

Hate list

  • Anything that gets between me (genuine me) and my friends (genuine friends).

  • Nothing that doesn't, seemingly.

  • except possibly mosquitoes...but they might fit this paradigm, now that I think of it.  Amazing how something so innocent and gentle (yes, GENTLE) can cause so much death.

(Music source: Old Man River "Ki Hinei", https://soundcloud.com/oldmanriver/ki-hinei)

The Colours of Heaven
year 11, day 51

Shadows burst up from the ground
reds and blues show and vanish...

...the colors have lost their crown
they are not known, not now.

as dreams of spectrum die
as light grows less intense

my embarrassments unhide
and like the shadows, upward stretch

here, before my eyes,
where rest is not, not yet...


was it ever not a lie? No
But it's fact,

real even false,
real unknowing, unforgiven.

the shame is here


here in the shadow that moments past was a colored tree

here in this eye we call the earth
as real as you or me...


I don't see the tree, who could
Dark blue covers my world

I don't know the way, I should
here under my blanket curled...

...the way up through the window
where flow body's mental streams

belief allowed for life,
but my fact allows a dream


In a dream I was unclothed
couldn't see that while awake.

In the dream I finish robed
I hope that isn't a mistake.


I'll pretend it isn't real
I'll pretend that I'm a fake

I'll run and do what I will do
jump into the lonely lake

Because once I saw a map
and on the map there was an island

on the island was a path
and in the path my fact is silent


Swim till shadows burst aground
till colours show and vanish

till the day the heart is crowned
till the light my fact will banish


What's a park without a little wildlife? ;P

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

Unfinished Poetry

Frozen in the ground
undissolving, unseeing
a seed that will not crack.

From far above, a sound
reminding me of spring, and all I lack.

And unseen, something holds me back.

It is only with revulsion that I am seduced today.
Your power is not reassuring.  This test is not okay.

We plunge into a deeper cold
and harder freeze away
this love is not the love I seek.

Go away.


A Dream of Peace

Day 338 Year 11

Enough of all these stories
I will tell you of a dream
though it may get rather gory
mostly it's about a stream.

There was a little party
in a house, we all were there
Muslims, Jews, the family
uncles, mothers, sisters, all were near.

I took a little blanket
and I heard a little buzz
and the river came in, rushing.

And I was rushing toward it
wandering left and right
till it plunged into our faces
and I saw us all aflight.

The rabbis say to see a river
in a dream and hope for peace
I saw my mother and her sister
drowning piece by piece

but I guess there was the river
though it smothered wholly the place
so though it makes me shiver
maybe this is some favor or grace

perhaps I'll meet my redeemer
and he will choke me where I stand
perhaps I'm already a river
leading us up to the highest sand.

This evening I asked to want peace
bad enough to murder her
God placed in my mouth a sneeze
supposedly that was an answer

I guess that I've always been stubborn
and in this matter, harder to please...

But What If This is Not Who I Am

What if the mountains aren't as scary to me
as they are to the one who built them?
What if I don't mind returning the Creator to His throne
though it may be higher than yours, O Colorless Mur.

What if I have already tasted a freedom
much finer than the one you promised me
when I was young

what if I have actually grown too young for this game?
what if your box will never hold me?

what would you say to me
if i told you it can never be even close enough to close enough
that you will never have my company here
as much as you said we are friends?

what if i don't trust you?
what if i'm not here to stay?



It's not worth the resistance
to be the one in charge
The life we have here is a pittance
give everything up, don't be large

bash in the heart of stone
the real goal is far, so far
way up above the mountain
not to be settled by war

let in the mountain's pain
bite it till all the teeth mar
still you must ask it, again, again
after all, it's who you are.

In death, live.

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

The sun is very bright these days
No room for all that light
It's hard to have a vision
In a place that's filled so tight.

I remember making progress every time I discover a sort of "harm" I can cause myself or someone else can cause me in the combat system, and then try to think about the way to work despite it.

I don't actually cause that harm, but it is useful knowledge in case the situation comes up.

For instance, how can I fight without value points?  How can I fight without exploring points?

Once I see that it is possible to keep fighting in each circumstance, I am suddenly not afraid of as many things!  Because there is a way out, so I don't need to keep things balanced in some specific way to be able to keep helping others with their fighting.  

 Then I can acknowledge more and more effects as potentially useful, depending what I'm searching for.


Best wishes!

No one - Is your Elu hungry ... PM for 3 candy.Find me for 9 ;). Offer on 8/8  

This "challenge" exemplifies what is needed to survive in the current MD.  I am failing, so far.


WORD over all, beautiful as the sky!  
Beautiful that war, and all its deeds of carnage, must in time be utterly lost;  
That the hands of the sisters Death and Night, incessantly softly wash again, and ever 
 again, this soil’d world:
... For my enemy is dead—a man divine as myself is dead;  
I look where he lies, white-faced and still, in the coffin—I draw near; 
I bend down, and touch lightly with my lips the white face in the coffin.

--Walt Whitman, "Leaves of Grass"


Page 407 - The Inner Sun - Am., Kal.
“This is when it began,” Kalamanira says and walks around, studying the stillness before her. Amoran is still for a time before asking, “What began here?” “Our journeys… our separate journeys, Amoran,” Kalamanira replies. “This moment is when we became the last two of our kind.” “Two? What are you talking about? We are the last one, Kala.” ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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