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Environment Friendly

MagicDuel is more than just a game, its also a big community of highly intelligent and educated people of all ages and cultures, that share a strong curiosity about the world around them. In this community we have certain guides, unwritten rules and ways we respect, things like creativity, respect towards others and many more. One important such guide is the respect and love for our planet.

In this regard, I am proud to announce that MagicDuel is hosted on servers with a low carbon footprint that produce low green house gases. Our hosting company, UltraHosting, has partnered with to offset their carbon footprint. This demonstrates their commitment to greener hosting operations and erases the effects the business might otherwise have had on the environment.

This is a small thing to do compared to the overall damage humans do to the planet that supports them, but big things are achieved by lots of such small things, so here is our tiny bit of ant-like help to this matter.



Do the same, help in any way you can, every little bit of action matters a lot!

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.:Principles of Magic:.

Principle of Cyclicity
Principle of Balance
Element Principle
Principle of Enthropy
Principle of Imagination
Darkness Principle
Principle of Light
Principle of Syntropy
Time Principle
Transposition Principle

.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
Cures (intro)
Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
Group Spirit
The sword slash
~Fantasy Records~

.:Latest Adventurers:.

new player
Belltrond Sinadel
John Rothmaker
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Our purpose is not to give you an alternate world to escape your real one, its not to give you a casual game to relax, but to educate your mind in a way that is not
normaly possible. This "game" is highly addictive and might change you forever. Do not just play it ... learn from it ... because "it" learnes from you.