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Principle of Cyclicity

Each event could either take part having a certain shape, having its own cycle, repeating itself after time, or could either be part of another superiour event that has its own cycle. Events like daily routine, or the changing of the seasons, or the shifting of the planet's Poles, or even the world itself are all cyclic events. Symbolic, all events occur on the shape of a circle, two opposites intertwining, just like a snake, bitting its own tail. The cycles actualy represent a Balance either between the consumption of energy and its (re)generation, ither between different evolutionary steps. In the Principle Ierarchy, this Principle reigns over others, but is also iferior to some, making it very difficult to precisely reveal its importance. It exists in absolutely in every event that could have an opposite, for its role is that of creating and maintaining the Balance. Due to its repetitive nature, it can cover very long periods of time, or can even part from existance, due to the fact that the Principle can apply to that too, for even existance has an opposite, even if it is abstract and hard to understand. The Principle takes many shapes. For example, a simple thing like cutting a thing in equal halves, and then halving those, and so on to infinity, even if it doesn't look like it, applies to this Principle. Also, the perpetuation of a species, through never-ending cycles of deaths and births, or even in the evolution of science, that at one point causes tis own downfall are cycles of the same Principle. In a battle, the Principle occurs when defence follows the attack, or when a series of attacks are released in order to weaken the adversary. Many forms of consuption or energy reloading can happen in only one cycle. But if one action(cycle) is modiffied in such a way in which it could cover more cycles, the result would be collosal in energy.


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.:Principles of Magic:.

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.:Innermagic Spells:.

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