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Element Principle

There are many ways in which one can classify the consequence of every action or every personality. If we were to separate the world in basic elements, we could say that there are four fundamental elements: Eart, Water, Fire and Wind. Every identity of an action (since actions do have their own identity), of an object or of a person can be seen as being made of these fundamental elements. Pure combinations of these elements may sometimes be considered themselves basic elements and are often compared to Metal, Wood etc. Pure forms of the fundamental elements are so rare that they may be considered purely theoretical. The more pure and clear quantity of an element a thing has, the more it can be considered stronger from all aspects. The pure form of this kind of element is reached when all the forms of a thing may be interpreted through the notions of that element. Each element has unlimited options and may cover, under a form or another, the characteristics of the other elements, but this happens only at very high levels. When an element covers the features of another elements, at very high levels, for instance, metaphorically speaking “when fire runs like water, or when earth burns like fire”, a harmony and a perfect integration of these elements’ interaction may appear and one can speak about a fifth element, which represents more of a theoretical, temporary state of nature, since the fifth element is the pure form, in perfect harmony, of the combined other fundamental elements and is associated with the Spirit. When speaking about humans, these can be classified according to these elements as various combinations, every human being composed in certain proportions of these elements. The composing elements can be noticed in the behaviour and way of thinking, the way they understand things and, last but not least, the physical aspect. It may be said that each human has its “colour” – shade which is visible if you know how to look for it. Some, but very few, are almost entirely made out of one element – these are very strong, since through the purity of their composing element, they are able to reach superior states of spirits and then sometimes take the shape of any other element. The power of these type of humans is also given by the coherence and the energetical stability generated by the use of only one element in their actions. Elements are only a simpler form of understanding and classifying the various types of energetical and behavioural patterns, comparing them with elements from the real world, but they can be mastered in order to control things in the same manner they can be understood.


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.:Innermagic Spells:.

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