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Darkness Principle

Darkness refers to a restriction of perception but also to an unmeasured source of possibilities. Darkness cancels the forms and opens other senses less used. Darkness must not be mistaken with the void or with the evil forces, darkness is taken into account here only at a principle level. A clear difference has to be made between the darkness obtained through the lack of light and the darkness as a principle. The darkness as a principle may be used for hiding information of any kind, varying from effects like invisibility to imposed oblivion or the controlled limitation of the senses. Through its feature of canceling forms, darkness may be used for changing existing forms or for creating new ones, or even in more advanced control forms, in order to create unreal information such as illusions, false sensations, misinformation, etc. Some formless entities may use darkness for appearing. The principle of darkness can be used no matter the light, the period of the day, etc. Darkness represents an extreme in some forms, being a source of freedom but also a source of restriction. The special features but also the effects of darkness require a distinct degree of self-control; otherwise darkness can be highly risky. Other principles can use darkness – imagination, for instance, which might take advantage of those canceling or creating forms features of darkness in order to connect with reality. Invocations may also take advantage of this feature. Darkness is a temporary state, extremely unstable, but which tends to become stable and amplify its features in combinations with other principles such as time and not only.


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.:Principles of Magic:.

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Darkness Principle
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.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
Cures (intro)
Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
Group Spirit
The sword slash
~Fantasy Records~

.:Latest Adventurers:.

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