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Player ID: 21149
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 147
Energetic immunity : 287
Trade sense : 122
Initiative : 107
Defence : 806
Briskness : 184
Attack : 1338
Power : 205
Luck : 85
Volition : 0
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Transposition Principle = 1000
Darkness Principle = 2436
Principle of Enthropy = 1571
Principle of Imagination = 1319
Principle of Syntropy = 909
Former RPC, The soul of the Ancient Ghost take his body giving him a great spiritual strength
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 3267 | Lost: 3280
Honor: 2800
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
The story of the Great Ghost Savelfuser...the lord of the poor
"...nulli necesse est
felicitatem cursu sequi..."
Shake dreams for your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day
And choose the sign of your day,
The day's divinity.
First thing you see.
A vast radiant beach
And a cool jeweled moon.
Couples naked race down
By its quiet side,
And we laugh like
Soft mad children
Smug in the wooly
Cotton brains of infancy.
The music and voices
Are all around us.
Choose they croon
The ancient ones,
The time has come again.
Choose now they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake.
Enter again the sweet forest.
Enter the hot dream
Come with us.
Everything is broken up
And dances.
Indians scattered on
Dawn's highway bleeding,
Ghosts crowd the young child's
Fragile egg-shell mind.
Jim Morrison and The Doors.
“Have you ever stopped at The Road of Battles and wondered what happened in that place?  Be forewarned, in this world, thoughts can be very powerful, even doorways to other places, other times.  You never know just what or who you might find there.”  The bard carefully placed his lute into its case and turned back to those who had come to hear him. The song was over, but the story had just begun…
It was a day like any other.  The sun stood still in the sky.  The young warrior walked along the road, the sound of his blades tapping against the steal of his armor played out a steady beat, a cadence all warriors know. 
He stopped at a turn in the road looking confused.  “I know this place.” He thought, though in fact he had never been there before.  He smiled to himself while shaking off the strange feeling. And began to move on when suddenly he froze, chills running up and down his spine.  “I know that sword,” he thought, staring at the rusty old weapon sticking up from the ground.  He left the road as though walking into a dream, drawn to the sword as iron to a load stone.  As soon as his hand touched the blade it began.  Things turned dark and a thick misty fog rose up from the ground.  A scream ripped through the air full of terror and anguish.  He tried to turn and run. But he could not move. A gravel worn voice said, “You have called, and I have come.” The young warrior saw a shape coming toward him out of the fog.
“I … no…,” the young warrior stammered, “I did not call you.” 
A tall lean Berserker with hollow eyes and ancient looking armor approached and said, “My pretty child, my sweet one, you chose this day. You touched the sword.  You who are of my blood have called me and I have come.”  The ghostly berserker intoned. 
“The music and voices are all around us now, the ancient Darkness seeks to destroy all of humanity.  Look into the fog of time and I will show you.” 
The young warrior could see a vast dark army marching to destroy all who would oppose its will.  The numbers of the dark shook the ground as they marched.  The young warrior’s heart fell to the floor as he trembled at the sight of so great a host. “How can this be?” he said.  “Who could stand against such a horde?”  The young warrior turned away from the vision and it faded back into the fog.
“Alone you will fail, but you will not be alone,” Said the Berserker ghost.  “I will be with you.  You are the heir of all my power and knowledge.  This is not the first time, I have fought the dark army, and this will not be the last.  But you must choose to accept me.”  Sound came from all around him; a cacophony of whispers, a torrent of murmurs, the ancient ones cried out “choose….choose….choose…” they intoned.
The young warrior knew in his soul that what the ghost had said was true, alone it was useless.  Without the ghosts power, all his strength and skill would be no match against the dark host.  “I accept.”  He said.  The ghost nodded and said: 
“You must seek The One who has returned, he who is the source of life and lore. I fought beside him long ago, here in this place.  Root; even now he gathers his forces together to stand against the coming Darkness.  You must learn from him, taking all his lessons to heart.  Serve him; for he has chosen you to be his Prophet.” 
The ghost seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then began to utter strange words in a language seldom before spoken in this world.  Light seemed to grow within the fog and it began to swirl around.  The light grew brighter and brighter until the young warrior thought that surely he would be blinded, but still it grew.  The world seemed to spin and for a moment he tasted death and the grave.  And then all was silent and still and Savelfuser stood in the Road of Battles holding what once had been his sword; once but no longer. 
Savel looked toward the west from whence the Darkness would one day come, and in a great voice he yelled, “We are the Great Ghost, Savelfuser!  We have returned from beyond with the power to destroy you!”  In a quiet voice he said, “This time it is you who will fall.”
In Loreroot an old priest heard those words; words that he had waited to hear for so long.  Turning to the others with him, Morquor said, “Brothers, He has come.  The Great Ghost is here at last.”  The brotherhood jumped to their feet.  “Brother Nihal, we will go to meet our master on the road.  He is expecting us.”  The Savelite Brotherhood was descended from Wind’s Berserkers… hidden, they have walked among the denizens of Marind Bell for centuries, but now no longer.  Now that their master had returned, all would be restored.  NightBringer ran to the stairs, springing two at a time he reached the top of the tower and rang the great bell which for so long had remained silent, but now no longer.  As the bell rang out across the land, the others, for the first time in centuries, donned the raiment of the Savelite Brotherhood and ran out to spread the word.  Only Eden stayed at the chapel and prepared for the return of Roots Prophet. 
Far away in Necrovion, the Shade sentinel turned away from the scrying glass and the images there faded.  He was uncertain of this new feeling, but he thought it might be… fear.
The Bard of Loreroot downed the rest of his mead and turned to go, when someone within Windy Tavern called out, “we all heard the bell, and many saw that light, but you don’t really expect us to believe this ridiculous story, do you?”  BlackThorn turned back to the doubter and he shrank from the bards steely gaze and the painful death he saw there.  The tavern grew quiet.  “Don’t you know that a bard cannot speak other than the truth?” then he smiled one of his “take life as it comes” smiles and the tavern stirred to life once more.  He left Wind Sanctuary heading to the lands of Loreroot to meet with his friend The Great Ghost Savelfuser, Prophet of Root.
What about me in Real Life...
I'm studying Physic and i learned that before doing something we should think! For example thinking of the numbers would say spontaneously that the infinite exists but if we think of share one thing infinite number of times we will reach something inseparable: the atom, albeit with some exception for neutrons, protons, electrons! And now it seems even the particles alpha, beta, gamma!
So the question I springs to mind is: is there really infinite?
 We shouldn't be hasty in giving an answer, because it doesn't exist! Before the discovery of relativity absolute and restricted the world moved second precise rules discovered by Galileo Galilei and Isac Newton! Einstein said that this is true but only for speeds much lower than the speed of light! For speeds close to those of light, however, everything changes. The lengths dilate and time becomes shorter! It's really true that everything is relative!! Also Einstein said that God does not play dice, that everything has an explanation! But then you know give me the exact explanation of the concept of entropy, namely the natural law which tends to make back all in a state of chaos? We live in a world too big and complex to be understood in depth, but we can always convince us that the only greatness for man is immortality!

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
Some of my creatures
Mr Mojo Risin Cien Poo Scazzo Gonzaga Socrate Ziggy Mother McHenzie Eusebio Panoramix Rubber
Medusa's Amulet Quest
MP2 Quest
At all MP2 in this game...WELCOME!!!I hope that you will find this game as rewarding as I !
At the moment, here in Golemus Golemicarum, where we are, there are 3 RPCs (Real Player Character) :
-Calyx Of Isis
-Savelfuser (I\'m :D)
 If you want to move yourself to the next level and explore the "other lands" of Magic Duel, you have to either reach 50,000 experience points, wait 3 days or solve 3 riddles! You can find these riddles below When you will resolve all these riddle we are able to move you at the NEXT level: MindPower 3..
Good Luck
This is the Quests
First riddle...
What English word is nine letters long, and can remain an English word at each step as you remove one letter at a time, right down to a single letter. List the letter you remove each time and the words that result at each step.
Second riddle...
Are you good at math? Complete the last two in this sequence: 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, 6=3, 7=5, 8=5, 9=4, 10=3, 11=?, 12=?
 Third Riddle...
A frog fell into a hole that was 14 1/2 feet deep. He could jump 3 feet, but he slid back a foot each time he jumped. How many jumps does it take him to get out of the hole?
-----------------------UNTILL HERE FOR THE MP2----------------
Thanks to BlackThorn for the Beautiful picture!!
 During the Nyumph war the planet Mars was far from the earth, so constant, by 60 million kilometers! However, later was found a document left by Egyptian Nyumph who predicts that this distance should be changed periodically triggering earthquakes and storms on Earth! This distance should be varied from 55 million kilometers to 101 million kilometers! We need to know how the force that connects these two planets at two different distances! The only data that we know are: Earth weight: 5.976*10^27 grams and that the weight of Mars is 0,107 than of the earth! You\'ll also need the constant G discovery by Alenthia: G= 6.674*10^(-11) m³*kg^(-1)*s^(-2) Alenthia decided to go to Mars and try to increase the force of attraction between the two planets of 2%! How much weight has brought with her to make this happen! Fortunately Alenthia had a spaceship capable of traveling at 0.99 of the speed of light! How long has served to Alenthia to reach Mars when it was closest to the earth?
You have only one shoot!! Pay Attention!!
I will give no hints.

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

The Black Book
ciao If you want contact me for the italian translation my e-mail is save.pini@gmail.com

El comandante Ernesto Che Guevara
Ognuno di noi, da solo, non vale nulla. Each of us alone, not worth anything. Solo attaccandomi scoprirai veramente chi sono..... Only attack me you discover who i\'m really ..... Believing in the great and positive values of the revolution I believe that we should not ever be afraid of nobody! Despite being weak and defenceless, there must always be a way out! The Romans led by Julius Caesar managed to defeat the Gauls albeit clear numerical inferiority! Thanks to factor \"surprise\" and how to organization that had Julius Caesar the Roman Empire conquered almost all of Europe and parts of Africa! Almost always in numerical inferiority! They felt that this was for a just cause and then attacking at times with weapons, other times with diplomacy, who did not want to bow to their orders. The same was Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, also known as \"El Comandante Che Guevara\", believing that was just liberate Cuba and South America by U.S. oligarchy (CIA) made the revolution! He died on 9th of October 1967. He left, however, an important lesson: \"Hasta la victoria siempre\" like saying that we must never be losers and fight for ever, even if the enemy is stronger!

Savelfuser...the Great Ghost
If you become my worshiper i can do many and crazy spells! Many followers i have, many spell i'm able to do and i will help you better!..so...you have just only one option...become my worshiper :D!
When i cast a spell i need 300 heat and 5 action point. I can store 6000 heat, so i'm able to cast 20 spells!
During this period i recived many healing request but, obviusly, i can't help everybody!
You can see under a list of who has priority!
 1. My worshipers and Adept
2. Players of my alliance and Guardians of the Root
3. Players that ask me without be my worshipers or adept (IF I HAVE HEAT!!!)
I'm sorry if i did this list but sometimes i'm not able to help my Worshipers because i've finished my heat!
Of course, if i'm offline or in IDLE i can't read your PM...but i promise you that AS SOON AS possible, i will Heal you or try to do what you asked me on PM:D!!
Thanks for your UNDERSTANDING
IMPORTANT: Send me one message when you need my magic help..
P.S.Please my adepts...don't leave me!I need of yours help for many many times!
I have 100 worshipers (i hope that this number grow up very soon :P):
*King Bull* (1293.5k)
No one (1278k)
Venger (1013.5k)
Morrel (592k)
Burns (432k)
.Eden. (366.5k)
Anubarak (346.5k)
Night bringer (249.5k)
Vitoka (235k)
Nihal (213k)
Dmik King (194.5k)
Lord Herrero (142.5k)
Morquor (129k)
.SmartAlekRJ. (106.5k)
.Morgana Le Fey. (99.5k)
.NelyaSetesh. (91k)
DarkElfMage (81.5k)
*EliasMVernieri* (68.5k)
killemoff (66.5k)
Gramarok (48.5k)
silverangel (38k)
egeldryt (38k)
thrall (36k)
.BlackThorn. (35.5k)
BlackShadow (32.75k)
Ahille (30.5k)
Kamate (23.5k)
Aryanne (23k)
White Reaper (21.5k)
taglibogli (19.5k)
Dark Juvator (18.5k)
VornicElf (17k)
ledge (16.25k)
Nihillion (16k)
tankfans (15.75k)
Nillo (15.5k)
THEBHR (15.25k)
gogu (12k)
Aurora Borealis (10.5k)
Amoran (10.5k)
pattythepancake (10k)
Master Saeiane (10k)
aznlifex (9k)
vasymanu (8k)
hansvon (8k)
maftbp (7.5k)
Dexter (7.5k)
XinHun (7k)
MysticSiren (6.5k)
getschi (6k)
Dellight (5.5k)
KingArthas (5.5k)
griffon (5.25k)
One Winged Angel (4.5k)
Bytzulik (4k)
Sage Mc Quincy (4k)
Sherva (4k)
Amethyst001 (4k)
skolley (3.75k)
RagNaRoTh (3.5k)
Jugu (3k)
Mr Item (3k)
Fu 2 10 (2.75k)
Lightmaster Dave (2.75k)
Xodus1984 (2.5k)
Gespenst Jager (2.5k)
lord3angle (2.5k)
Danteval (2k)
evl one (2k)
Biggest (2k)
Grayhawk (2k)
Telash (1.75k)
uknow (1.5k)
Constantine (1.5k)
Morial (1.5k)
Ferahgo (1.25k)
tweaker (1.25k)
asseenontv (1k)
AlexDP (0.75k)
TLeah (0.75k)
sic (0.5k)
Conscript (0.5k)
soulcatcher james (0.5k)
indianchief (0.25k)
chrispr (0.25k)
AlbaJulia (0.25k)
VorniC (0k)
creepinjesus (0k)
Ido (0k)
Crazy Marind (0k)
Gikanzin (0k)
Inzek (0k)
*meru chi* (0k)
althead (0k)
karmik twist (0k)
L4z0r (0k)
Seighart (0k)
Lady Aliesa (0k)
Torcalus (0k)

Page 323 - The Inner Sun - Bo. Awi.
Bootes sits down at the desk and looks over the wooden box. The mark of the Inner Sun fades on the box’s lid and is replaced with a picture, only it appears broken and scrambled. Bootes touches the lid and sees that the pieces move and fit together in a pattern. After some time, Bootes smiles as the last piece clicks into place. A congratulatory message displays and the box unlocks. Congratulations to Awiiya for solving the quest correctly! ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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