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Sora Aeriekeeper




Player ID: 113041
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 2864
Energetic immunity : 3151
Trade sense : 1982
Briskness : 2224
Initiative : 1813
Defence : 5455
Attack : 7244
Power : 979
Luck : 442
Volition : 906
Cartography : 29
Herbalism : 21
Gardening : 13
Mining : 18
*excavation : 19
Finesse : 30
Woodcutting : 14
Waterhandling : 18
Experimentalism : 6
*taming : 6
Dowsing : 6
*fusioning : 6
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Silver Set
Principle of Light = 4000
Darkness Principle = 4000
Time Principle = 4000
Principle of Syntropy = 4000
Principle of Cyclicity = 4000
A radiant soul, tarnished by her dark past. A beacon to those enshrouded in darkness. She quests valiantly to earn redemption and learn the rites of purification.
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Battle stats
Won: 3166 | Lost: 3166
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 5

Children of the Eclipse
The oneness of your housing is at 2 %

Aia Tarquinia del Mana, Priestess of Moon's Light

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

The Priestess of Moon's Light: 

A radiant soul, tarnished by her dark past. A beacon to those enshrouded in darkness.

Affiliation: Loreroot, as one of the Children of the Eclipse.

Desired powers:

Cleansing Moonbeam: Aia seeks cleansing of the soul, not only for herself, but for others. Thus, she quests for this spell of purification, which may remove ten points of one statistic from its target, thus decreasing the value of it and perhaps nullifying it, allowing the choice of a new principle in the Story Mode. It may only be cast with the permission of both characters, and with just reason. Such a ritual requires significant heat, the higher the statistic of the Principle removed, the more heat required. This is the healing of the soul.
Touch of Moonlight: Aia has torn many souls from their vessels, and wishes to undo what she may, not only in the healing of the soul, but also of the flesh. This spell may sacrifice heat in exchange for vitality.
Mystic Penitence: Aia may often be unable to heal souls completely through the Touch of Moonlight, and may draw upon her own vitality to heal another, feeling their wounds as her own. This is identical to the Share VE spell.
Open Loreroot: As one of the Children of the Eclipse, charged with the defence of Wasp's Totem, Aia needs to be able to rush to its defence. Thus, she desires to be able to open the secret entrance to Loreroot.

First place, Fourth Mind-Power, Heads Contest, February-March 2009
Second Place, Fourth Mind-Power, Heads Contest, March-April 2009
Writer medal for contribution to Archives, March 2009, as part of the team that edited the Adventure Log
Solved entirety of Bootes' Quest, The Puzzle Gauntlet, correctly, for one wishpoint
Delivered a speech, on virtue, at the Lunar Festival
Wrote an article for the MD Archives - The Inhabitor Theory
Returned the Eclipse to existence
Became a Gateway Island Guardian

Desired items:
Wedding ring (see papers of .Tarquinus. for details)
Engagement ring
Moon Pendant
Glowing Flower -
a pale, orchidlike flower that shrivels in light but blooms in darkness, emitting a faint glow.

She sparkles, as pure as dawn-lit dew;
She laughs like a river that courses with light.
She breaks through the clouds, sweet heavenly blue,
And she shines like a planet, celestial white.
She tosses her hair, a clear breeze after rain,
And her gaze is a sunbeam that sets me aflame.
In her eyes are no shadows, sorrow, or pain,
But I melt like spring snow when she whispers my name.
- Tarquinus, Moon Knight, beloved of Aia

Raised in a utopia far from the realms of MagicDuel, Aia was taken from her parents at birth and blessed by the high priestess of the goddess Mana. Serving in the high temple, Aia learned to understand the essence of white magic, the Principle of Light. For seventeen years she served, sheltered from the impurity of outside influence.

In her eighteenth year, the realm of Mana was overthrown by the god Xush, and the temple of Mana was looted. Aia was among those captured and forced into performing rituals for the god Xush, rituals that brought darkness to the realm of Mana. Imprisoned and tortured by the Xushi, Aia and the other priestesses, for the sake of Mana and her existence, performed a final ritual to cleanse themselves of the evils of Xush. Drawing upon Mana, they were able to sever the bonds between flesh and spirit, and some ascended into the aether, to Mana's last untouched sanctum. However, some had already been corrupted by the rituals they had been forced to undertake, and for the sake of the others, Mana denied them sanctuary. She took pity on those, however, that evil had touched, and sent their spirits through space and time to the realm of MagicDuel. Among them, one other watches her...

The quest of Aia is to find her brethren and cleanse them and herself of the taint of Xush, so that she may ascend to the sanctum of Mana, who she believes is currently amassing a force to not only defend her sanctum, but also to reclaim her realm, such that all her followers may again live in utopia.

Thus, Aia seeks the spell of purification, that which can cleanse the corruption of her soul and that of others, as well as the spell of healing, to restore those souls which she has torn.

In the passage of a soul, many memories are lost, and others lie dormant. Thus, there are memories that Aia has locked away, perhaps because they are too painful for one such as she. Some of them may come to her when triggered. Other memories may lead to anguish, and yet others, suffering.

Aia remembers but a snapshot of the rituals of Xush; yet they are overwhelming. She knows that she has torn the souls of the innocent from their vessels, and bound them to new vessels: some inanimate, some defiled. The tearing of the soul from its vessel via this means is never clean if the soul is unwilling; some remnant remains, and that which is bound anew is incomplete. Such a rite is worse than murder, for the assassin's blade, while it ends life, does not imprison the soul, nor does it divide it.

Aia knows this, and bears the responsibility of the souls she and others have torn. She still walks this realm in search of redemption.

While she has not yet found redemption, she has stumbled upon, and been swept by, the phenomenon known in this realm as love, forbidden to her in the service of the temple, and yet, she believes, the brightest light of all. She is married to Lucius Tarquinus, the Champion of the Moon. 
Image may be subject to copyright
(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
 Lucius Tarquinus, Moon Knight, is Aia's husband and best friend. The mere mention of him sends Aia into daydreams of him.

Aia's wedding ring, forged by *Kragel* from silver taken from the Moon, set with an onyx, a bloodstone, and a moonstone. Upon Lucius's finger were one that matches it.

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

~ White Planet ~
She dances through the lightless sky
And gleams to those who watch below:
A pale, unwinking, flawless eye
Whose drifting light will set aglow
All darkened hearts deprived of hope.
Those fearful in the looming night
Whose shadows will confess no scope
May gaze upon her steady light
And warm their thoughts in love’s embrace.
In all celestial pantomime,
Amid the steps of stellar grace,
I mark but one ‘til end of Time:
The song to prise my soul from granite,
The night’s first jewel, the bold white planet.
- Tarquinus, Moon Knight, beloved of Aia

A big thankyou must go to the following for their help during the heads contest. Aia is eternally grateful:
Kalamanira Kol
Logan Marquis
Blu Sapphire
Princ Rhaegar
Konstantin Harknesse

Aia's first place in it could not have been achieved without you... so it belongs to you as much as it does to her. If there is any favour she may do for any of you, simply ask.
Some of my creatures
Water Daimon III Hollow Warrior BloodPact Chaos Archer Angien Sentinel IV Angien Sentinel III Sword Shade III Horseman II Doppelganger Tamed Reindrach Wind Dragon III Sarasith Lord Rustgold Madhorn

The Fate of the Cube - a Quest
It seems that the God Muratus hath declared the Realm of MagicDuel to be, as it were, formed from a cube. I imagine, then, that had such a realm originated in different orientation, that Night may be a more common occurrence. Likewise, the cube in which all may come to this realm may resemble, or echo thus, this formation.

I wonder then, if I were to model such an orientation, would a different orientation, and thus, outcome, be possible?

If I were to mark one surface of a cube with an arrow, pointing to the north, with the marked surface facing upwards, such that it were opposite to the surface that doth contact the flat surface, and place such cube on the flat surface, such that it does not, and cannot slide, but roll, and flip over its edges when gently pushed in any of four directions, would it be possible to return the cube, in any number of the aforementioned moves, to the original space that it had occupied, with the difference that this cube must be oriented with the marked surface facing upwards, and the arrow pointing to the East; toward the Tribunal Lands, and Dominion of Mur?

While the answer may be yea or nay, such a solution must come with impeccable logic, and reason, rather than endless tirade. If the answer were yea, a solution, or sequence of moves, shall satisfy, while if the answer were nay, provide impeccable reasoning, or proof, wherefore it were so.

Lucius Tarquinus, mine husband and true love, did once offer his spell document to all that solve this puzzle; now, I grant mine own to all that satisfactorily provide of solution. Exceptionally elegant solutions shall also be eligible for a choice of wish-point from myself, or Drachorn, from Burns.

Three hath solved it thus far; Kafuuka, Aelis, and Lazarus. Well thought out indeed.

To aught that were new of the realm, I offer healing, that thou shouldst be well, after defeat in battle. Thou needst merely ask for't.

Page 324 - The Inner Sun - Noo.
No One continues his wander through the gloomy wasteland, slightly paranoid. Nervously walking, he trips and sh0uts to the shadows, “Hey! I saw you trip me!” He whirls around, seeing nothing, no one. Hysterically he says, “Am I going crazy?!” He runs; frantically watching his back as the wind howls and the lonely darkness prevails. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
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