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Moriki Bantha
Eleanore Stix




Player ID: 255779
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Regeneration : 8
Energetic immunity : 10
Trade sense : 6
Briskness : 7
Initiative : 6
Defence : 18
Attack : 19
Luck : 6
Power : 10
Volition : 42
Cartography : 14
Gardening : 6
Principle of Imagination = 2
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Won: 259 | Lost: 259
Honor: 2059
MindPower: 3
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Queen of Gazebos
Glitter Girl
Defender of Oshricks

A sparkle of verdant green mischief in her eyes and a cascade of titan red curls down her back.
Pale skin and a vulpine smile that leans strongly into impish glee. 

The total enveloping darkness of night…
piercing this the bright points of light that hover there,
softly they whisper their secrets to me


These are nights of beauty
when one might gaze into the heart of the universe and see it gazing back
with the iridescent eyes of a thousand clouded multi-hued nebulae….
Mother holds her breath in anticipation,
a shudder passes through me…
suddenly my soul flutters in agitation, it is fearful….


A lightness creeps across the horizon…
I hear the confusion of my brethren behind me…
for the dawn is come early …


A blaze of flame bursts across the sky,
it is bright,
it is beautiful,
it is pain incarnate,
a creature such as I was never meant to view beauty such as this

the sky burns,
it roars,
oh the sound of its agony,

I sink my roots deep,

deep into the cooling depths of Mother,

I throw myself down hugging tight to her,
supplicant witness to this lovely death which flows overhead


I hear them,
the others….
their fear, their rapture, their pain….
my own sobbing a subtle descant to the terrifying symphony of their cries


their souls fly up…
into the nightmarish glory they soar…
spectacular in their death
these flashes of color that weave themselves into the glorious light …
swirling kaleidoscopes of emerald and sapphire
to cool the raging inferno above.

My own sweet soul flutters and strains to escape….
hold it back,
hold it tight,
do not let it go!


Silence that screams
and the mind begs reprieve

Dawn returns at last…

pushing back the darkness
revealing a newborn sky of cobalt blue

Mother shivers….


the world is changed,
and I with it….

Aniwaya Tsula

Some of my creatures
Angien Hollow Warrior

Page 389 - The Inner Sun - Bo., MRD
Silence settles in the area, and even the wind refuses to blow. Bootes reaches across the board, moving a small – seemingly hidden – piece. MRD sputters for a moment and Bootes chuckles softly. “Check and Mate, Sir.” MRD looks on in disbelief for a moment and then extends his hand. “Bootes, I thank you for one fine game of chess.” ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
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